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About our Story

We started out a few years back with nothing in mind but bringing you the best Miter saw reviews and buying guide.

We started off breaking down all the best 10-inch and 12-inch miter saws one-by-one after compiling a selection of the very best miter saws into our bumper home page.

After exploring the Hitachi miter saw and moving on up to look at the hard-hitting Festool, a brand that continues to shine a beacon for unparalleled quality in miter saws.

After covering all aspects of using a miter saw and exhausting the best miter saws on the market, we decided to continue our project but to widen the focus to incorporate all power tools that come in handy in the home workshop along with some more robust options suitable for use on the job site or in small shops.

Starting off with a table saw and circular saw, we’ve gradually worked our way through the full arsenal of power tools commonly used in the home workshop. We’ve also looked into dust collectors and air filtration systems so you can keep your workshop spick and span while also keeping the working environment safe.

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What's Next?

Having now established a nice framework, we’ve got plenty of scope to build out more information about how to use these various power tools along with more product reviews.

Whether we’re testing and reviewing miter saws, band saws, jig saws or oscillating tools, we have no interest in disguising any flaws in products. We’ll give you a frank, honest rundown on the pros and cons of the miter saw, router or wood lathe in question then you can make your own mind up fully forewarned.

We often come across products on Clickbank and other forums that are tempting enough for us to invest in ourselves. From time to time we’ll share this information by presenting the offer in question in an easily digestible guide.

We’re currently working on some more detailed buying guides targeting some even more specialist tools so come back soon for more.

We’re also working on another batch of information articles about all aspects of woodworking and metalworking.

Whether you’re looking for miter saw reviews, circular saw reviews or the best power tools buying guides, we’re here to deliver and to keep delivering.

We want this to be your go-to option for far more than just miter saw reviews so we’ll keep on posting and see you soon!

The Judge's Insider Group

Increase your workshop efficiency by 145%

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