Best Miter Saw Reviews 2021

What is a Miter Saw? 

A miter saw is an extremely handy tool that allows you to make miter cuts angled to your exact specifications as well as perfectly accurate crosscuts (90 degrees) . It relieves you of the burden and frustration of trying to create mitered corner cuts using a miter box and a hand saw. However, shopping for this particular tool can be quite tricky as there is a great variety of miter saws available in the market from compound miter saw to single bevel miter saw to double bevel miter saw, with prices ranging from less than $100 to $1,000+, weighing from 20 pounds to more than 60 pounds and blade sizes ranging from 7 and a half to 12 inches and finally corded and cordless miter saws. Hence, we have done the work for you in testing and compiling the best miter saw reviews in this article so that you do not have to find out yourself the hard way.
Editor's Choice

  • 15-Amp motor, 3800rpm
  • Back fence design
  • Rail lock latch which holds head away from fence
  • Adjustable detent plate with 10 positive stops
  • XPS alignment system for cross cuts
  • Miters 50 degrees left, 60 degrees right
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Budget Friendly

  • Powerful 15-Amp motor with a speed of 5000rpm
  • Positive miter stops easily activated with thumb control
  • Great design: comfy horizontal handle, built-in clamping system, large table
  • Bevel range: 45 degrees
  • Miter range: 0-52 degrees
  • 10-inch teeth made from tough tungsten carbide
  • Substantial flip fence which rises to 4 inches
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Amazon's Choice

  • 15-Amp motor is powerful and runs at 4000rpm
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Warranty package included
  • Stainless steel detent plate is adjustable and has 11 positive stops
  • Wide miter capacity from 0-50 degrees both to left and right
  • Adjustable miter handle (cam-lock)
  • Sliding fence is tall and comes out easily
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Our Selection of the Top Miter Saws 2021

There are a number of outstanding miter saws available. We have thoroughly researched the market to make your work easier. Here is a varied selection of 3 hard-hitting miter saws sure to get the job done.

Table of Contents

Main Features
  • 15-Amp motor, 3800rpm
  • Back fence design
  • Rail lock latch which holds head away from fence
  • Adjustable detent plate with 10 positive stops
  • XPS alignment system for cross cuts
  • Miters 50 degrees left, 60 degrees right
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We round out our list with a third and pricier DeWALT 12-inch sliding compound miter saw.

In many ways the DWS780 is similar to the DWS709 with just a few key differences. This model has a larger capacity and also comes with an LED light cut guide as well as a depth stop. If you undertake projects with bigger materials or need groove cuts then the DWS780 edges ahead in these respects.

If you are looking for a professional piece of equipment which will cut quickly and easily then think about upping the ante in the DeWALT range to the DWS780.

Many users, from trim carpenters to cabinetmakers and installers to contractors, demand equipment that metes out power and accuracy while also catering for capacity. The DWS780 covers all bases in fine style.

The saw should come square straight out the box. There is generally no need for calibration. Factory screws are tight.

The combination of vertical, horizontal and nested-crown cuts means you will not be left wanting for choice. The back fence is designed in such a way that you can cut at an angle of 90 degrees (2×16) and 45 degrees (2×12).

You can miter 60 degrees to the right and 50 degrees left. Angle markings are etched onto the chrome in black. You can’t make finer adjustments since there is no knob or vernier. Gradations are fully 1/8 inch apart so you should be able to set your saw to cut at ½ degrees.

Miter detents are nice and solid. There is an override facility for maximum freedom. Pushing down on the button behind the lock knob lets you glide over the detents prolonging their lifespan.

The bevel scale is yellow with black markings. This is crisp and clear. If you need the bevel calibration screw it’s in front of the scale on the left. If you want to change the angle of the bevel, you’ll need to reach around the back where there’s a 3-pronged knob.

You’re good for 13 7/8 inch square cuts.

The rail lock latch acts to maximize and simplify the vertical capacity. It also manages to keep the fence and the head apart.

The XPS cross cut alignment really does make cutting less taxing. The LED light is extremely bright and guides you when looking out for what is to be cut next. The LEDs are projected across both sides of the blade. This means that the workpiece is illuminated nicely while a shadow line is created to cut along.

Although you get heavyweight performance, the DeWALT weighs just 56 pounds. You can carry it around or pop it in the trunk of your car with ease.

If you want to change out the blade, you can do so quickly and easily. Unplug your saw first. Loosen a bolt with the onboard wrench. This will let you slide the blade cover back and raise the guard. Fix it in position. Use the wrench to activate the spindle lock. Unscrew the arbor nut. Pop the new blade in. Reverse the process.

Recalibrating the saw is straightforward, if you need to do.

The dust collection system on this model is highly refined. It manages to trap three-quarters of all dust leading to a safe and clean working environment. It’s still advisable to get yourself a dust collector. A working environment free of sawdust and debris is not just more comfortable but safer, too.

One thing to watch out for is the degree of flex in the sawhead when at full extension. This can affect accuracy.

Why we like it

  • Powerful motor
  • Great torque holding blade speed throughout the cut
  • Simple, swift adjustment of angle and bevel
  • Fairly lightweight and portable
  • Out of the box capability
  • LED light to enhance accuracy
  • Highly accurate gauges
  • Good stock blade supplied
  • Outstanding dust collection


DeWALT design machinery which looks good as well as performing strongly. The casting is precision-machined and the guards very rugged. The stainless steel detent plate adds to the durable nature of the DWS780.

The XPS cross cut alignment really does make cutting less taxing. The LED light is extremely bright and guides you when looking out for what is to be cut next. Most of the dust generated is trapped away nicely.

If you are seeking a pro-level miter saw which can also be used in the home and your budget will stretch to it then the DeWALT DWS780 could very well be your best bet for a miter saw of this size and type.

The DWS780 comes into its own if you want to be highly mobile and you have a wide range of small and mid-sized cutting projects to take care of. You will not be disappointed. In our opinion it is the best sliding compound miter saw and one the best miter saw overall.

Main Features
  • Powerful 15-Amp motor with a speed of 5000rpm
  • Positive miter stops easily activated with thumb control
  • Great design: comfy horizontal handle, built-in clamping system, large table
  • Bevel range: 45 degrees
  • Miter range: 0-52 degrees
  • 10-inch teeth made from tough tungsten carbide
  • Substantial flip fence which rises to 4 inches
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If the striking green and silver colorway of the Metabo HPT C10FCGS miter saw looks familiar, that’s because you’re looking at a rebranded Hitachi.

The power tools division of Hitachi – Hitachi Koki – acquired the German firm Metabo in 2016. When KKR bought out Hitachi Koki, the rebrand was rolled out with tools now falling under the Metabo umbrella.


Same tools, different name.

This is an extremely versatile miter saw which will fall in line perfectly with your cutting needs. The C10FCGS comes with an extremely potent motor onboard and it’s packed with great features to make your woodworking life easier.

Its total flexibility is one of the leading advantages of this saw. Whether you’re working with wood or plywood, soft fireboard or hardboard, decorative panels or sashes, the Metabo/Hitachi will cut comfortably through all these types of wood.

Whether you are a carpenter, woodworker or framer, the Hitachi will offer you a professional grade experienceAccurate cuts, both crosscutting and miter, are easily achieved. If you are not a pro, though, you can still enjoy operating this saw as it’s extremely user-friendly.

Straight off the bat, there is no need to calibrate the bevel or miter angle scales. This allows you to get going straight out the box.

Metabo provides replaceable carbon brushes on the C10FCGS. This will ensure that your saw lasts longer. It also simplifies maintenance so it’s a real win-win.

Although it’s no substitute for a full-bore dust collector, you will get a dust bag at the back. This traps at least some of the sawdust and keeps your working environment safe and debris-free.

Many power tools are incredibly heavy. Tipping the scales at a shade over 26 pounds, you’ll have no problem whatsoever moving the Metabo around.

The flip fence on the C10FCGS is oversized. This fence raises 4 inches so that you can cut larger pieces of work fuss-free. You will be able to cut 2 and 5/16 inches high and 5 and 21/32 inches deep without losing any precision at all. Also, where the fence raises, you can deal with vertical crown moldings with ease.​

If this is not enough, there are also some handy holes in the fence. If you need to screw on an extra board, you can raise the height of the fence further without sacrificing accuracy. You will need to trim the board and you might lose a little cutting width. Go for a 1 x 6 plywood board for best results.

You will be able to cut up piles of 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 posts at 90 degrees. Even 4 x 4s present no problem for the Hitachi. With 2 x 6s, you can happily saw through with a single pass making this an extremely efficient piece of kit.

In addition to its wide range of scope, the C10FCGS is all about the motor. With its no-load speed of 5000rpm and capable 15 amps, all cutting tasks will seem a breeze. While the Hitachi has a 10-inch blade, the motor is fit to power a 12-incher. This translates to more than enough performance for most needs.

The handle is designed in such a way as to totally minimize vibration and allows you to enjoy a fantastic grip without slipping. This elastomeric grip lets you work for hours without feeling the strain.

Making simple adjustments is one of the principal jobs which woodworkers need to carry out. The Hitachi is classified as a dual-compound miter saw. This allows you to tilt the saw from left to right and swiftly adjust bevels from any angle. The bevel range to the left is 45 degrees.

If you want an even wider range of cuts, you can make miter adjustments in both directions from 0-52 degrees. There are positive stops at 0, 15, 22 ½, 31 ½ and 45 degrees. These represent the most common angles needed for woodworking. You use either the handle on the side or flick the lever with your thumb to lock in these positive stops.​

When it comes to particularly delicate operations such as trims, the tungsten carbide tooth really comes into its own. If you need to work with larger pieces then the extendable fence will rise up nicely to a height of 4 inches.

The M etabo is both simple to use and easy to maneuver. The vibration-reducing handle makes it a pleasure to work with and the substantial miter saw table acts as a great steadying guide. It’s very well-supported with the clamping system built into the unit.

You can opt for a model equipped with Metabo’s outstanding Laser Marker System. This will give you enhanced accuracy when it comes to cutting. You will need to align this before getting to work.

Why we like it

  • Clean, accurate cuts
  • Optional Laser Marker system
  • Ultra-powerful which aids preciseness and straightness of cuts
  • Feature-rich including miter stops actuated with the thumb and tungsten carbide tooth
  • Out of the box functionality perfect for the beginner
  • For repetitive jobs, releasing the trigger means blade stops quickly
  • Highly durable blade
  • Easy to adjust for bevel or miter cuts
  • Ergonomic handle with simple motion to pull down
  • Built-in dust collector is extremely effective
  • Carbon brush easy to replace


As you can see from the list of advantages and drawbacks, there is very little negative to say about the Hitachi C10FCGS.

Upgrading the blade is not a serious issue. For most work, the stock blade will work just fine. If you plan to cut hardwood, you will need an upgrade but that’s a small price to pay.

One thing to watch out for, though, is any broken or missing parts when you receive your package. Some users have reported this flashpoint so be sure to check things properly.

If you want a saw that is powerful, cuts with consummate ease and will not break the bank either then pop this miter saw on your shortlist. In our opinion it is the best miter saw under $200.

Main Features
  • 15-Amp motor is powerful and runs at 4000rpm
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Warranty package included
  • Stainless steel detent plate is adjustable and has 11 positive stops
  • Wide miter capacity from 0-50 degrees both to left and right
  • Adjustable miter handle (cam-lock)
  • Sliding fence is tall and comes out easily
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If you are looking for a miter saw to be used at home then the DeWALT miter saw (DW715) is well worth considering.

DeWALT has been around for almost a century. The familiar yellow-accented tools are the go-to choice for many contractors as they have a well-earned reputation for durability. They are also extremely cost-effective.

Whatever you choose to cut, from baseboards to moldings, the able 15-Amp motor makes cutting through wood straight and straightforward.

For home repairs or renovations, the DW715 copes admirably kicking of speeds of 4000rpm.

Price and features are usually highly motivating factors for any purchase and the DeWALT miter saw wins on both counts.

Plentiful power on tap means that miter cutting and cross cutting present no problem at all and with no-load speeds of up to 4000rpm. If you want to take your saw out on the job site, the 120-volt motor will work even with generated power.

This miter saw is a real all-rounder and highly accurate into the bargain. The thin kerf blade will cut precisely with minimal wastage. You can save both time and materials with the DeWalt. You will even be able to cut your way through framing lumber. With the ability to cut through a range of materials and sizes, you will not need to keep switching tools.

​Despite this raw power and performance, the unit weighs just 42 pounds so you will not strain yourself while beavering away. Throw in a nifty carrying handle and locking pin and this saw is highly portable without feeling flimsy.

The DeWalt is extremely easy to set up. This is perfect for beginners who do not want a complicated start.​

Productivity will get a boost with the adjustable plate and its 11 positive stops. This is made from rugged stainless steel. With an expansive miter capacity spanning 0-50 degrees in either direction and an adjustable handle, the DeWALT miter saw offers sterling value for money.

If you spend a lot of time working with moldings, the high sliding fence will come into its own. This can easily be slipped out if you need to make bevel cuts. Thanks to the height of this fence, you can cut crown moldings to 5 ¼ inches. You can stretch to 6 ½ inches with base moldings. The 12-inch blade will deliver fast precise cuts and a professional beveled finish. The height of the fence makes it very supportive. It also slides out of the way with ease when required.

The DW715 is classified as a single bevel. This is because the majority of the bevel angles fall on the left. Here, the saw can cut to 48 degrees. It only goes to 3 degrees on the right. Since the DeWalt is a compound miter saw, 1 blade can make 2 angles.

There are positive bevel stops at 0, 33.9, 45 and 48 degrees. This should offer you adequate flexibility for most woodworking needs. Bevel can be made up to 8 inches.

With cross-cuts, you can work with pieces of lumber up to 2 x 8 without any snags.

The saw guard on the DeWalt is not exposed. It comes down over the whole blade. The cam lock on the miter hand works in tandem with the detent override. This saves you needing to twist the handle to lock it. The override feature gives you added flexibility. You will be able to make custom tweaks beyond the miter stops provided.

Note that you will need to buy the clamp separately. Factor this into your costing. There is also the choice of buying the DW715 as a bare tool or with the blade provided.

Why we like it

  • Awesome features and great miter capacity
  • Accuracy, versatility and power in one package
  • Deals well with miter cutting and cross cutting applications
  • Even using provided stock blade, cuts are clean and easy to control
  • Works perfectly straight out the box
  • No play at all once miter is set and the angle locked
  • Precise bevel and miter adjustments


As with the Hitachi, this DEWALT DW715 has far more on the plus side than the single noted disadvantage with regard to the dust bag. Think about where you will use this saw and how important this feature is for you.

At just 42 pounds with a handle to make moving it around even easier, the DEWALT is lightweight but suffers no reduction in performance.

The warranty package offers coverage for an impressive 3 years with free servicing given for 1 year. This shows how the manufacturer stands behind their product. With a 90-day money back guarantee, DeWalt remove any reason for not buying this saw. If you are not happy, send it back for a no-quibbles refund.

Its simplicity and ability with all basic cuts makes the DeWALT particularly desirable for beginners. For hobbyists or weekend woodworkers, this saw makes a smart choice.​

If you are looking for a sturdy and long-lasting miter saw with no loss in terms of accuracy or ease of use then the DeWALT DW715 deserves a place on your list when you are considering different options. Its simplicity and ability with all basic cuts makes the DeWALT particularly desirable for beginners. In our opinion it is the best miter saw for beginners.

Main Features
  • Nimble 15-amp motor developing 3HP and maxing out at 3800RPM
  • Axial glide system
  • Dust chute
  • Warranty package included
  • Transparent lower guard
  • Sliding material supports
  • 88 pounds
  • 1-year warranty with 30-day money back guarantee
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The mighty Bosch GCM12SD is a super-smooth 12-inch miter saw that packs an enormous punch while occupying a relatively small footprint. The proprietary Axial-Glide System means this saw will slot neatly into a small home workshop without stiffing you with a sub-par miter saw.

Bosch has taken the best that sliding compound miter saws have to offer and tweaked that classic so you get a big and powerful unit that still delivers remarkable, across-the-board precision so there’s no need to be intimidated by this saw. On the contrary, it’s ideal for even inexperienced woodworkers while still catering to pro craftsmen.

We’ll highlight the main features before doubling down on why you should invest in this top-notch 12-inch miter saw from an enduringly popular woodworking colossus.

Since most home woodworkers are likely to buy just one miter saw rather than building up a collection, finding that ideal sweet spot of a saw combining raw power, unerring accuracy and comfort-driven user-friendliness is challenging to say the least. Until you encounter the Bosch GCM12SD and ask yourself why you haven’t added this controlled beast to your arsenal long ago.

Perhaps the key selling point of the Bosch is accuracy under almost any conditions. You might need to tighten things up a little when you unbox this saw and you’ll get an Allen wrench mounted onboard to take care of this without reaching for your toolkit.

The pair of SquareLock fences come pre-aligned and ensures you’ll continue to get consistent accuracy for as long as you maintain and use this groundbreaking 12-incher.

Once you’re up and running, you’ll be able to undertake a broad range of cuts quickly and easily. The 15-amp 120-volt motor is a powerful workhorse and you’ll be able to cut 14 inches horizontally while benefiting from a 6 ½-inch cutting capacity for vertical and crown cuts. You can miter 52 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right.

Adjustment is a cinch with a fantastic bevel that’s a joy to read and rugged stainless steel miter scales with the all the detents you need to make your life even easier. There’s a push-button miter detent override which is a wonderful touch and allows you to make small tweaks without breaking your stride. You’ll find positive stops at all the angles you would want for most reasonable projects.

The dust chute is compatible with 1 ¼-inch hoses and you’ll keep your workspace debris-free so you can churn through cut after cut safely and without your line of sight obscured. With the right vac in place, you can see off fully 90% of all dust and you can’t ask for much more than that. While there’s no laser system in place, this is certainly not a deal-breaker and it feels almost cheap to complain about that given the shower of benefits served up by Bosch.

The substantial trigger is designed for both right-handers and southpaws so you won’t feel compromised whichever hand you favor. Everything about this saw is tailored to prolonged spells of cutting so you can keep on churning through even harder woods without fatigue setting in.

We’ll list out the leading advantages and drawbacks of the Bosch before delivering our verdict. See at a glance if this saw merits a place in your workshop…

Why we like it

  • Heavy enough for rock-solid performance but compact enough for small workshops
  • Ideal for a broad spread of cuts with cutting capacity of 14 inches (horizontal), 6 ½ inches (vertical) and 6 ½ inches (crown)
  • Oversized uniform bevel super-simple to read and you can make precision adjustments thanks to roof pitch angles and detents
  • Bevel lock located front and center so you won’t be fumbling behind the saw
  • Get miter stops at 15, 22 ½, 31 ½ and 45 degrees to both left and right along with 60 degrees to the right for maximum versatility
  • Get remarkably smooth cuts across all applications with axial glides
  • The see-through lower guard gives you total visibility when you’re cutting so you can work at speed without sacrificing accuracy
  • Ultra-soft trigger handle ergonomically designed so you can work for sustained periods without clawed hands
  • Tip-resistant and stable base for precision cutting with even the hardest woods


You’ve got a fair breadth of choice if you’re looking for a 12-inch miter saw and you should always think about your intended usage and personal preferences before launching in and committing to purchase.

If you’re after a portable and totally dependable saw that will be equally at home in your workshop or out on the jobsite and combines power with precision to a degree not found in most competing 12-inchers, we really can’t recommend the Bosch GCM12SD dual-bevel glide miter saw highly enough.

For beginners, this saw is user-friendly enough but might verge on overkill. If you’re more experienced and plan to work with bulky and heavy materials on an ongoing basis, the 12-inch blade will slice through almost anything you throw its way with consummate ease and the Bosch will become a reliable staple in your toolkit.

Backed by Bosch’s generous warranty and outstanding customer service, there’s really no reason not to pop this 12-inch miter saw on your shortlist and to give it a try at your earliest convenience. You can call in a full refund during the first month if you’re not entirely satisfied so you’ve really got nothing to lose.

Main Features
  • 15-amp motor rated at 3.3 maximum hp spins blade at 3250 rpm
  • Carbide-tipped blade
  • Fine adjust system is self-zeroing
  • 120 volts
  • Integrated dust channel
  • Dual integral lights
  • Electric brake
  • 78 pounds
  • 1-year warranty with 30-day money back guarantee
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The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has been in business for close to a century. The American firm brings all this expertise to bear on the 6955-20, a hard-hitting 12-inch miter saw.

If you’re not sure which size saw would make the best fit, check out our guide detailing the difference between 10-inch and 12-inch miter saws. In essence, you’ll get a great deal more power with a 12-inch and the ability to work with larger pieces of material. This comes at the expense of a bulky and heavy saw that costs more upfront and requires costlier blades.

Now, if this is the kind of miter saw you’re looking for, the Milwaukee should be uppermost on your shortlist.

Now, before we push on and break down this saw in more detail, we’ve highlighted the key benefits of this powerful Milwaukee along with the minor snags.

Milwaukee Co might not release miter saws regularly but, when they do, they pack a serious punch. The 6955-20 is a 12-inch saw weighing in at 78 pounds so make sure you’re happy with this heft and bulk before proceeding. If so, what do you get from this powerful yet affordable saw?

Off the bat, you’ll get a solid and stable saw with very little play from side to side when you’re making chopping cuts. This helps significantly to reduce deflection. As with all 12-inch sliding saws, you’ll need to stay focused with a steady arm for any sliding cuts. Why is this? Well, the arm comes mounted on ball bearings and this works wonders for overall smoothness. Unfortunately, you’ll find the blade slowly inching toward you if you don’t keep things tight.

Milwaukee bakes in Constant Power Technology but what does this mean? In plain English, the blade stays at a consistent 3200rpm either with or without load. The overall feel takes a little time to accustom yourself to but, once you’re familiar, you’ll find operation super-smooth. Make neat cuts with sharp edges even if you’re working with more challenging hardwoods.

The Milwaukee packs 9 detents with 4 on each side and one at 0 degrees. This allows you to bevel from 0 to 48 degrees in either direction. You can make quick and easy adjustments without needing to leave the saw’s front. A digital display illuminates key metrics in green and the easy of adjustment comes to the fore when you’re working on intricate projects.

The exhaust system helps eliminate perhaps 50% of all waste. While the manufacturer claims 75%, we’d suggest this is ambitious. We would advise adding a third-party dust collector to ensure your workshop stays spotless and debris-free. Take note that you’ll need an adapter due to the irregular, squared-off shape of the exhaust. This should only run you 20 bucks or so.

Lights on either side of the blade are arguably more effective than a laser guide. Enjoy crystal clear blade illumination with no menacing blade shadow.

The dado stop is a nice touch and allows you to flick with ease between different lengths of cut. You can push this out of the way when it’s not required.

In addition to all that performance, you’re covered for 5 years thanks to the Milwaukee guarantee with responsive, helpful customer care in place if you need any assistance.

The only real downside to this powerful and precise 12-inch saw is a power cord that’s cut too close but this could hardly be termed a deal-breaker.

Why we like it

  • Heavy-duty design and build makes this powerful 12-inch miter saw perfect for the jobsite or the home workshop
  • 9 positive detents allowing you to bevel with ease from 0 through 48 degrees on either side
  • Smooth mechanism with silky manual adjustment so you can fine-tune with consummate ease using an oversized lever
  • Highly versatile letting you cut a line 13 ½ inches wide at 90 degrees and 9 ½ inches at 45 degrees
  • Compatible with dado blades enabling you to widen your cutting repertoire further
  • Constant Power Technology keeps your blade stable even when you’re cutting aggressively
  • Dual lights in place of laser guide delivers outstanding illumination while simultaneously mitigating blade shadow
  • Reasonably efficient dust collection system although this is non-standard so you’ll need to pick up an adapter
  • Rubberized handling grips give you a little purchase if you’re looking to shift your saw around the workshop
  • 5-year limited warranty gives you complete peace of mind and the promise of years of faithful service even under sustained, heavy use


Well, have you decided whether or not the Milwaukee 6955-20 would make a neat addition to your workshop?

As with all 12-inch miter saws, you’re dealing with a trade-off here. On one hand, you have the power and capacity to deal with larger workpieces. You’ll cut more in less time. On the other hand, you need to handle a much larger saw that costs more upfront and also runs you more when it comes to replacing blades. Only you know whether that extra power and performance justifies sacrificing portability. This is why all that counts here is whether the Milwaukee is the right miter saw for you.

You’ll get power and precision without needing to dig too deep. Versatility is impressive while the price is much lower than you’d expect for a saw that’s built to this standard and capable of returning years of faithful service. Throw in a dependable 5-year guarantee and you’ve got no reason not to give this saw a shot if you’re looking for the best 12-inch miter saw on the market.

best miter saw: Looking for more information?

Interested to learn more in-depth details about selecting the right tool for your needs? Read our Informational Buyer Guide and Frequently Asked Questions sections on this topic for more details.

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Final Words...

A miter saw is a tool that you definitely should have on hand as you never know when exactly you will need it. The variety of these devices available on the market is huge, and many of them differ greatly. Consider your needs and the quality of the tool before the price, as buying a substandard miter saw is not only a waste of your money but also a greater risk to your safety. 

Each type of miter saws offers certain benefits for different applications. Therefore, the first thing you should do when shopping for this product is to think about how exactly you are going to use it in the future.

28 thoughts on “Best Miter Saw Reviews 2021

  1. I just bought a miter saw over the holidays and I’m loving it. I already had a circular saw, so I’m really getting into woodworking and looking forward to new projects (and buying a table saw in the future). I do have a question (that I probably should have done before I bought one):

    Why is there such a huge price difference in compound miter saws? I’m loving the one I bought, but is that because I don’t know any better yet? I bought a ToolShop 10″ 15 amp sliding compound miter saw. is there a big difference between this $130 saw and a DeWalt $500 sliding compound miter saw? or some other expensive ones that appear to have the same features?

    • Hello Jose!

      Thank you for coming to us with this question. We are more than happy to supply you with the answer. For starters, don’t assume that you don’t know any better, the miter saw that you chose to purchase is a fine machine made by Tool-Shop.

      But if you would like to understand why the DeWalt brand is more expensive as opposed to the one you chose then we will inform you.

      The 10” DeWalt you are referring to comes with many features and specifications that warrant the pricing. Dewalt is one of the top name brand in tools, especially their miter saws. They have market control just like craftsman does as well. Tool Shop though a great tool brand, is one of the lower ended brands.

      This means that it is built with lesser quality parts and therefore may wear down over time. The question you need to ask yourself is how often you are going to use this saw? If its going to be used for household projects here and there, then you chose the perfect miter saw! But if you are going to be frequently using it over a long period, then you need to be ready for some required maintenance on lesser known brands.

      Now not only are DeWalt’s made from premium material, they also operate at a high efficiency and have done so for years. The opposing miter saw that you are referring to comes with some of these types of features that they use to enhance their price:

      Dewalt 10” Miter Saw

      –An exclusive bevel detent system that comes with 7 different positive stops that can allow you to saw quickly, accurately, and with repeatable cuts.

      –Crosscut stop positions that optimize your cutting accuracy positions the cutting blade for maximum vertical cut capacity.

      -Dual horizontal steel rails with a clamping mechanism and linear ball bearings.

      These saws get high ratings, and with features like those, they enhance your cutting abilities to versatilities other saws may not be able to maintain.

      We hope this answers your question better, and if you need anymore assistance or would like to return the saw that you previously purchased for a DeWalt we would be more than happy to accommodate that!

  2. I worked at a log furniture place and they had a large miter saw, mainly for cutting the ends off the logs. The saw cut 8 inch logs. Where can I find a saw like that ? Im starting my own business and thats the last piece of tools I need. Thanks,

  3. hi im new to this and starting into woodworking lately. iv’e been looking around and found alot for good review for the hitachi miter saws. what is the difference between the hitachi c10fch2 and the c10fce2?

    • btw i forgot to mention the dewalt dw713 and both the hitachi miter saw are about the same price here in canada.

      • The main difference worth noting is that earlier models of the C10FCH2 came with a laser guide. If the price is the same then our impartial advice would be to seriously consider the Dewalt. Enjoy!

  4. There are supposed to be two adjustable bolts, to set the miter, referred to as bolt 8a and 8b.
    I can just see one very large bolt that is pretty inaccessible with a spanner or any suitable tool,
    neither of which are positioned as 8a or 8b shown in the manual, so the saw is unusable.

    • Dear Bill, Since you seem to also be educated about sliding compound miter saws, can you give me your opinion on the DWS709? Home Depot has this and a place to set it on for 399.00, do you know if this is a good deal or not and if it has certain problems like the ones listed with DeWalt above? IE: crummy dust bag or bag location etc. Thanks, Catherine

  5. I was watching the review on the Hitachi 10in miter saw. My question is can that saw cut a 4×4 at a 45 degree miter?

    • Lance, it might be too late for the answer but I saw your comment right now and I don’t think so you can cut a 6 x 10 lumber with a miter saw, however, you can use other saws for such types of projects such as a table saw or a radial arm saw.

  6. Can you mill wood with these? I’ve got an old mitre saw and nothing else, but I found this great log in the woods with some beautiful grain that I want to make something out of, so I was thinking I could just cut planks little by little out of the logs. What do you think?

  7. how imporant is dust coletion? Can’t you just vaccuum it up i hav a really good shop vac that i use for everythig cleanin up shop and clesning my equipment

  8. I can’t find the comment anymore, but I’m pretty sure I saw on here someone asking how to take off the guard from a miter saw. I just wanted to comment and say that thaat’s definitely the WORST thing you can do. You don’t how many carpenters I know missing fingers or parts of their thumbs. It’s easy as hell to make a really small mistake that results in missing limbs with these things… DON”T CHANGE ANYTHING. Keep the guard, it doesn’t make you less cool, it just makes you less handicapped!

  9. Do you think it ends up making a big difference how heavy the saw is? Will a lighter saw be more likely to shift or tip over or something? There’s a prett big difference between the weight of the Dewalt and the Bosch.


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