4 Steps to Change a Miter Saw Blade

Changing a miter saw blade doesn’t have to be intimidating or difficult. Take precautions for safety, gather your tools together ahead of time and follow the instructions below to change your miter saw blade quickly and easily.

 Step 1: Get to the Old Blade

On many miter saws, the blade is, at least in part, covered by bolts that hold it in place and protective coverings. To change a miter saw blade, you will need to remove these parts. First, unplug the saw and then remove or move the blade guard so that it is no longer blocking the blade. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for tips so that you don’t break it. If there are any screws or bolts holding the blade in place, remove those as well. Remove the old blade from your miter saw.

 Step 2: Prepare Saw for the New Blade

After removing the old blade, you can prepare your miter saw for the new blade. Loosen the bolt and remove it so that you can remove the outer blade as well as its washer. Make sure to remove the outer blade washer only and to leave the inner blade washer in place. To prepare for the new blade, put a drop of oil on the surfaces of both blade washers that will come in contact with the new blade.

Step 3: Install the New Blade

Now that your miter saw is prepared, you can install the new blade. Make sure to put the new blade on the saw so that the teeth point down. This cannot be stressed enough. If you install the new blade with the teeth pointing up, you could end up with serious injuries. Always install the new blade with the teeth pointing down. Reattach the outer blade washer with the oiled surface touching the blade. Turn the blade washer until it secures the new blade in place firmly and give it an extra ¼ turn just to be safe.

 Step 4: Reassemble the Saw

Now that you have installed the new blade on your miter saw, it’s time to reattach all the bolts and blade protectors. Make sure to double check the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure that you don’t miss a step. Proper reinstallation of the safety precautions put in place by the manufacturer will protect you later.

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