Cut your working hours short with the best table saw

Sometimes perfection isn’t a choice, it’s a need. In such desperate times, we put our trust in a table saw which is destined to serve us with utter, unparalleled magnificence. Belonging to the accessories of a craftsman, a table saw is used to cut boards accurately and flawlessly.

So, if you’ve considered using one in your next project, your mind is on the beam.

Now, what is the best table saw out there? Every company will claim theirs is, but to discuss the facts, there’s no one even close to a Harbor Freight table saw.

Harbor Freight, a rather popular retail company, was first founded in 1999 and today has spread all over the globe at 1000 different locations in 48 various states. The distinguishing factor of their tools, whether a table saw or a disposable facemask, is the affordable price they come at.

Known for their durability, it’s not every day that you hear a Harbor Freight’s tool wearing out.

A Harbor freight table saw is specifically designed with beginners in mind. The following is a buying guide compared with the models coming from Harbor’s to help you get a better insight.


To say every table saw is a reliable buy would be an overstatement. Don’t believe us? Go through the following check points to know why a Harbor Freight table saw is an “add to cart” material.

Right off the bat, we will ask you to consider the base which is much more than just a supporting ground. There are three categories, as followed:

The portable guy: As the name suggests, this guy can walk with you anywhere; to your studio, the yard, garage, everywhere! Among the three types, it is the smallest and the most affordable one.

However, on the downside, its size play as a hindrance in cutting large boards or making precise cuts. It is also not as much durable as the latter two types.

An example of it is the Harbor Freight’s Chicago Electric, coming at $154 with 10’’ blade.

Other types include the hybrid mate and the stationary one.

Our hybrid friend is a midway between the three options. Being portable as well as easy to maneuver, you can get this at a slightly higher price. Moreover, it also allows you to cut large boards with assistance from its huge size and durability.

The stationary type only partners up with serious carpenters or workers. Being massive in its size, it can give you results second to none. It is usually fixed in a specific place, without the intention of moving it around much. Its price is sky high due to its precise cuts and after adding extensions, serves as an unmatchable table saw.

Harbor freight, confidently, has all of these types to offer. Whether you are the hybrid guy or the portable one, Harbor Freight sells it all with satisfied customer reviews. For instance, about the Chicago electric model, a customer said, “This is all I needed!”

The table space of a saw refers to the size of wood it will allow you to cut. The table holds your wood as its saw’s sharp blade cuts through it. The table size is associated with the type for instance the hybrid type is slightly bigger than the portable one.

However, regardless of this, you can get all types of stands at Harbor’s. The heavy duty ones are sold at $35 while the portable ones come at $40. The range starts from $35 and goes up to $195.

Ripping a wood is to cut it in the direction of its grain while the ripping capacity is the distance present between the blade and the fence. The rule of the thumb is, more the distance, larger the boards can be cut through but eventually, it comes down to the type of wood use. Harbor Freight’s top pick, Hercules, come at $350 with a cutting capacity of 6’’ vertical while 14’’ horizontal. The wrong ripping capacity will only lead you to saying, “R.I.P. craftwork”.

A saw’s blade is the brain of it, hence, Harbor Freights ensure to keeps it the strongest. The only rule to remember is to NEVER buy a saw blade with a size greater than the one required by your blade. You can opt for a lesser one though. Harbor Freight mostly offers 12’’ but has others like 7’’ too. Their saw blades come within a range of around $5 to $85.

Many ideas and benefit combine together to give us a table saw. The best ones will have a blade guard, a riving knife and a saw stop for safety. Some modern models also entertain a dado blade feature for powerful cutting and dust collection option to prevent pollution. Harbor Freight offers a dust bag separately for the same purpose at around $5.

Other specifications that you need to take care of are the cutting depth (normally a 10’’ blade can easily cut through a 3’’ wood) and the fence options.

At Harbor Freights, you can find all the tools necessary for a table saw. From a stand to the saw’s blades, Harbor keeps the best of the best in their stores. With employees over 20,000 there’s no chance you’ll pick the wrong table saw.

From the basic to advanced table saws, you can purchase any type according to your skill and needs. They are primarily known for selling the cheapest products out there, and they have a diverse opinion on their products.

The bottom line is to consider the company if you’re a beginner. In case you are a pro, keep the instructions in your mind before buying the product because experiences have it, some of the products from Harbor are of zero quality!

At long last, the benefits shared by all the products from Harbor include an affordable rate, user-friendly quality and a satisfactory customer service. In a hustling market, this is the most ideal shop to start with because really, you don’t want to invest a heavy investment go in vain.

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