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Welcome to Miter Saw Judge, your new go-to place for miter saw knowledge and more.

Have you ever had a question about miter saws or sawing in general and you can’t seem to find the answer? Are you an aspiring carpenter or woodworker looking to find the best deals on the saw you need?

No matter who you are, MiterSawJudge.com is the place to be for those looking to learn more about all woodworking tools! We do the research every day on the topics and trends which are most often questioned so that we can bring you the knowledge you want in one reliable location.

There are a number of people you’ll find with different opinions about how things should be done. Are we always right? That’s for you to decide! What we can promise is that the information you read and the tips you see here on our site are all researched and written to reflect what we think is the best and most relevant information on the topic.



We are proud to offer you a bit of knowledge about many different areas of sawing skills. You can click through the categories to look through our “how to” guides and tutorials, scroll around our best practices pages, or read on how to perform routine maintenance tasks on your woodworking tools.

Curious about how a specific saw measures up? You may find a review for that saw on our site! We take the time to look at some of the most popular and commonly used saws on the market in order to give our recommendations about who should buy that saw, what it’s good for, what it does poorly, and other useful information about it.


Do you have any questions for us? Ask away, we’re not afraid!

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