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Edge to edge joints

Edge-to-Edge Joints

Edge-to-edge joints are used to glue several boards into a surface. They commonly come into play for table tops and cabinet parts. These joints can be plain or reinforced. In both instances, they rely only on glue to hold them together. A …
How to cut down a tree

How To Cut Down a Tree

You can fell a tree with a handsaw or a chainsaw. It’s not generally practical to take care of it by hand so we will look today at how to cut down a tree with a chainsaw. This is not really a …
Wood lathe

Turning Wood

Woodturning brings another dimension to the art of woodworking. Whether it’s basic spindles or table legs, bowls and platters or free-form sculpture, when you shape wood in the round while it spins on a lathe, you’re spoiled for choice. Turning for the …