Best Jigsaw Reviews And Buying Guide 2017

Best jigsaw reviews

Jigsaws are incredibly versatile power tools. Even though the name is associated to multiple industries, jigsaw saws are one of the most important and common power tools out there.

Whether you’re looking for straight or curved cuts, rips, plunge cuts or bevels, you’re in safe hands if you invest in the best jigsaw you can afford. As with all woodworking tools, you are better to focus on quality and build up your collection over time. Buy cheap, buy twice!

Jig saw As The Multipurpose Power Tool For Every DIY-ER

In the home or shop, you can use your jigsaw for a wide range of cutting applications. With a bulkier circular saw, for example, you’re limited to straight cuts. From making holes in a counter or cutting openings for electricity sockets, a jigsaw is a truly multipurpose tool. But how to find the best jig saw for sale?

If you are working on larger projects, handsaws and hacksaws are all well and good. The thing is, using them demands time and effort. Opt for a jigsaw and take care of diverse cuts without breaking a sweat.

A Lightweight And Portable Jig saw Makes The Best Choice Out There

Many serious woodworkers want the full stable of band saw, scroll saw, circular saw and router. If you are just starting out or working on a budget, a jigsaw can offer much of the functionality of these tools in one lightweight, portable unit.

The portability of jig saws means they are perfect for working in tight areas. If you are a contractor, you can carry your portable jig saw from job to job in a compact case.

When you’re on the hunt for the best jigsaw, you’ll initially need to choose between the three main jigsaw types. There’s no right or wrong answer here. It’s a question of which type of jigsaw best suits your needs.


Pneumatic jigsaws are not as widely used as the standard corded or cordless. They use air rather than electricity as a power source. These pneumatics are hyper-light and easy to handle. You can also use them safely in wet areas. Despite their lightweight nature, you will also need an air compressor. Factor this in to your decision if you need to carry it from job to job. If you want a versatile powerhouse for your commercial workshop, a pneumatic jigsaw is worth consideration. For standard woodworking at home it’s not the best option.

Top 5 Jigsaw Reviews 2017 - Comparison Chart By

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to jigsaws. We’ll show you what to look out for when you are on the buying trail. 

Let’s glance first at 5 of the best jigsaws you can buy…

Detailed Jigsaw Reviews By Model

1. Festool Carvex PS 420

If you are looking for a truly top-notch tool that’s a strong contender for the very best ji gsaw on the market, Festool are a brand to look out for.

For serious home woodworkers and contractors alike, the PS 420 is an established market-leading jigsaw.

With the option of attaching 4 special bases for assorted cutting projects, you’ve got advanced motor technology to deliver first-rate cutting.

Festool 561593 Carvex PS 420 Jigsaw

A huge upgrade from my old craftsman saw. Everything is designed well, the strobe light... amazing, dust collection system...boss. I highly recommend the accessory kit, it has all the attachments and is packed nice neat systainer.

By Matt B.

Main Features

  • Variable speed blade at 3800 SPM
  • Positive miter stops easily activated with thumb control
  • Awesome LED lights
  • Triple blade carbide guidance
  • Splinter-free action
  • Dust-extractor compatible
  • Accessory kit available

Festool’s PS 420 is more than just a regular production line jigsaw. You get a sense of craftsmanship along with outstanding performance.

The base supplied is good for most cutting tasks. You can buy 4 extra bases at $20. A phenolic resin base is slippery and low friction. It works well wood or plastic. The dimpled base is perfect for rough lumber. If you are working with metal, consider the steel base. A nifty Velcro base comes with felt-pad covers. Work on pre-finished surfaces like plastic without scratching them.

You can make all the cuts you need quickly and easily. The triple blade carbide guidance gives you safety and accuracy.

The strobe effect of the 4LED lights blinks so the blade seems stationary. You will be able to follow your line very easily.

You can purchase a comprehensive​ accessory kit separately. This comes packed with goodies and is well worth checking out.


  • ​Extremely rapid variable speed blade maxing out at 3800SPM which beats most of the competition
  • Buy additional bases for assorted specialized cutting projects
  • 4LED lights with strobe effect for clear line of sight
  • Carbide guidance system with triple blade reinforcement for truer cutting
  • Hooks up to dust extraction system easily to keep your workplace free of dust and debris


  • Expensive
  • Accessory kit is costly


Although it’s by no means cheap, the Festool PS420 deserves to top any list of the best jig saws for sale. It is also a great tool offering high quality jigsaw blades and great durability.

If you have the money to spend and you want a world-class jigsaw, road test the Festool at your earliest opportunity.

2. Black+Decker BDEJS600C

Next up is a much more affordable mainstream jig saw from the industry heavyweight Black + Decker.

This jigsaw tool packs a 5-amp motor and the capability of making 45 degree bevel cuts, this no-nonsense jigsaw punches above its weight.


I am a person who does my research before purchasing items like this. This Jig Saw is fantastic!! I love it! It handles so so well, smooth cuts. its great for the work I do. I highly recommend purchasing Black + Decker for your next Jig Saw.

By Dillon P.

Main Features

  • Variable speed motor
  • 3000 SPM cutting power
  • CurveControl for orbital adjustment
  • 45-degree bevel cuts
  • Wire Guard
  • Tool-free blade change

The powerful 5-amp motor on the BDEJS600C generates a maximum cutting power of 3000SPM. This should be more than enough to cope with most standard cutting duties.

You have 4 orbital settings with Black + Decker’s patented CurveControl. These customized settings are optimized to make your life straightforward.

Changing the blades is a breeze. There’s a keyless blade clamp so you don’t need any tools to swap out your jigsaw blades on demand.


  • Powerful 5-amp motor good for most cutting projects
  • Maximum speed 3000SPM for swift, precise cuts
  • Make 45-degree bevel cuts with ease with added stability of an adjustable shoe
  • 4 fully customized orbital settings for enhanced control
  • Changing blades is a cinch with no tools required
  • Handy Wire Guard offers superb line of sight


  • Not suitable for heavy commercial projects


For any home woodworker, DIY hobbyist or contractor, this Black + Decker is an outstanding jigsaw at a very keen price.

You’ll get power, performance and extreme accuracy with the BDEJS600C. You’re covered by a 2-year limited warranty so you can buy with complete confidence.

3. DEWALT DCS331B Jig Saw

DeWalt have a highly deserved reputation for offering performance power tools without charging a fortune.

The DCS311B is a remarkably versatile and able cordless jigsaw worth a place in any home woodworking shop.

With great orbital action, super-simple blade changing and a dust blower to keep things shipshape, the DeWalt is a wonderful mid-range option if you’re looking for the best jigsaw.


Some of the best features I've seen in a jig saw. The optional rotating blade helps reduce splintering of boards and quick change blade release is great for the Simone doing occasional project or the weathered carpenter.

By David E.

Main Features

  • 3000 SPM maximum speed
  • Bevel cutting at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees
  • 4 orbital settings
  • Lever action keyless blade change
  • Adjustable dust blower
  • Battery and charger supplied

If you want the freedom of movement and maneuverability that comes with a cordless jigsaw, the DCS331B is a smart choice.

The variable speed motor tops out at 3000SPM. This range of speed allows you to work with any material you want.

A dust blower means no more wood chips menacing you or fine particles irritating your eyes and nose.

Changing blades couldn’t be much easier. A basic lever-action means you don’t need any tools to effortlessly swap out the jigsaw blades.

A benchmark of the best jigsaw is being able to tweak the orbital settings. The DeWalt has 4 positions to choose from for you total control.

Cutting bevels is a dream with the DeWalt. Detents at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees gives you great scope for beveling. It’s a keyless shoe bevel.

As with all cordless power tools, you’ll be more able to move around but need to stop work every time the 3.0 Ah battery needs a boost of charge. The battery and charger are supplied.


  • Powerful motor for speedy, precise cuts
  • Variable speed motor from 0-3000SPM to cope with all materials and applications
  • Keep your work space free of chips with a fully adjustable dust blower
  • No need for tools with swift and simple blade change
  • Portable and maneuverable with no cord
  • Orbital action has 4 positions for cut quality and speed


  • Not suitable for commercial projects
  • Inconvenience of needing to charge battery


For anyone who wants a rugged but lightweight cordless jigsaw, the DeWalt is well worth popping on the shortlist.

You can get professional results without needing to a bank loan. Give it a try and see how it feels. You’re covered with a 3-year limited warranty for your peace of mind.

4. Makita 4329K Jig Saw

Makita make some outstanding power tools at very cost-effective prices. While they might not last the test of time after prolonged and heavy use on site, for most normal cutting jobs, the 4329K will perform admirably.

This 3.9-amp variable speed jigsaw has a top-handle and is designed to feel as good as it looks.

Makita 4329K Jig Saw

I purchased this saw when I couldn't find replacement blades for my 20-yr. old Black & Decker jigsaw. The Makita came highly recommended by my dad who does a lot of woodworking. I couldn't be happier with it. It cuts through 2x4's like butter. This is the second Makita power tool that I own (hammer drill) and I plan to make this my new power tool company as I replace my older tools.

By Wayne E.

Main Features

  • Variable speed motor
  • Top-handle design
  • Large trigger switch
  • Lock-on button
  • Reduced vibration
  • Speed control dial

You can fine-tune the powerful 3.9-amp motor. Using a clear dial, you can go from 500-3100SPM. This lets you marry the speed to the application for most efficient, effective cutting.

The top-handle design and comfy rubberized grip mean you can work accurately for extended periods without feeling strained. Makita have rolled out a counterweight balancing system to keep vibration to an absolute minimum.

Using the Makita is a very rewarding experience. You’ll notice very little vibration due to the patented counterweight balancing system. You can flick the lock-on button if you’re working on intensive projects and the big trigger switch is easy on your fingers.

With 3 orbital settings to go alongside the straight cutting, you can make a diverse range of cuts with the Makita.


  • Adaptable 3.9-amp motor adjustable from 500-3100SPM for your complete flexibility
  • Very little vibration due to counterweight balancing system
  • Adjustable base to 45 degrees left and right with a positive stop at 90 degrees giving excellent cutting
  • Work for long periods with lock-on button and large trigger switch
  • 3 orbital settings along with straight cutting so all bases covered
  • Lightweight and compact without compromising performance


  • Not suitable for sustained, heavy use


​If you want the power of a corded jigsaw and you plan to work on smaller woodworking projects at home, the Makita 4329K is a wise choice.

5. Bosch JS470E Jigsaw

Rounding out our look at the best jigsaw reviews is the JS470E from the well-respected Bosch.

With a 7-amp motor for fast, clean cuts, the Bosch jigsaw is perfect for woodworking at home or small commercial carpentry jobs.

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw

I sculpt in steel and wanted a jig-saw to cut and fashion sheet metal. A jig-saw is not the perfect tool for the job but the Bosch, with the right Bosch blades, makes awkward tasks easier. Solidly built, it cuts through wood and thinner guage metal with acasual ease, and can handle curve cuts in 10-12 guage steel with only a little more effort. It is a pleasure to use too - blade changes are a breeze.

By Dennis P.

Main Features

  • 7-amp 120V motor
  • Dust blower
  • 4 orbital action settings
  • Dial to set maximum speed
  • Trigger to moderate operating speed
  • Bevel to 45 degrees
  • Tool-free blade change system

The 120-volt motor is powerful enough at 7 amps to deal with most reasonable cutting projects you throw its way. As such, the Bosch jigsaw boasts with even 4 orbital settings which is fairly standard for jigsaws in this class.

Bevel cutting is a cinch and you can cut at 45 degrees. You will need an additional tool to bevel, though.

The variable trigger allows you to kick off slowly, establish your cut line and then work up to speed gradually. It’s comfy to use but has a tendency to dig into your finger if you spend too long cutting in one session.

Changing blades is a cakewalk with no need for tools. Keep your hand safely away from the hot blade and eject it for a fresh one whenever you need without breaking your stride.


  • Motor gives off plenty of power with 7 amps
  • Orbital functionality with 4 tailored settings
  • Work easily with a trigger to manipulate the jigsaw’s operating speed
  • Make bevel cuts to 45 degrees
  • Quickly insert or eject blades without needing to touch hot blade or reach for your tools
  • Maxes out at 3100 SPM


  • Lacks LED light for easy line of sight
  • Need additional tool for beveling


For a solid top-handle tool that combines power, accuracy and ease of use, you can’t go far wrong with this Bosch jigsaw.

You’ll get a class-leading jigsaw without needing to overspend. For durability and performance at a reasonable price-point, check out the JS470E.

Who Needs Jig Saws?

Now we’re done with our 5 best jigsaw reviews, it’s time to explore what you should focus on when coming to your decision.

Best jigsaw reviews

Jigsaws are indispensable tools for the home enthusiast and professional contractor alike.

If you need to make a variety of cuts in many different materials, a jigsaw hits the spot.

Unlike most other power saws, you can cut in a straight line or curve with equal ease.  You can bevel or make rip and plunge cuts into the bargain.

A jigsaw gives you the freedom to work with wood or particleboard, plastic or metal. Some jigsaws will even eat their way through ceramic tiles. You really are spoiled for choice.

From small DIY jobs in the house through to sustained cutting on the jobsite, buying a great jigsaw could be the best investment you make.

What sort of tasks does a jigsaw come in handy for?

  • For cutting all types of wood
  • With concrete jigsaw blades for working with fiber cement or porous concrete
  • Using a soft material blade to cut carpet
  • Making curves for pipes on ceramic tiles


Buying Guide

Finding the best jigsaw is no different than making any other purchase of power tools.

You need to be absolutely honest when analyzing your requirements. Ask yourself how often you’ll use your jigsaw and what main tasks you will use it for. Think about your budget and stick to it.

Once you have this clear in your mind, you’ll have already narrowed your options considerably.

Reading through user feedback is a useful way of finding out some impartial opinions from people who have bought and used the product you have in mind.

You’ve already had a first look at our reviews of the best jigsaws on the market. Look back through again and see if any of them meet all your criteria.

Jig Saw buying guide

We’ll show you now some crucial things to take into account when you’re looking for the best jigsaw you can find.

  • Blade size
    Jigsaw blades are absolutely critical to the performance of your tool. Blades come in all sorts of lengths and thicknesses. As a rule of thumb, make sure the length is an inch or so more than the thickness of your material. The width and the thickness reflect how mobile and how flexible it will be. Thin, narrow blades are superb for any fiddly, detailed work. You’ll get more accuracy and a better finish but less durability with thin blades.
  • Blade type
    If you plan to work with multiple blades, you should focus on searching for the best miter saw that offers an easy blade replacement feature. This is necessary when you work with varied materials which require the use of different compound blades.
  • Blade teeth
    The measurements for teeth on your jigsaw blade are given as TPI or teeth per inch. This is important for the type of material, the speed and fineness of the cut. A blade with up to 20 teeth works very well with softer materials. If you are working with wood, paper or cloth, these blades are ideal. The finish will need some smoothing out. For steel, ceramic or other hard materials, you’ll require a higher TPI rating. Blades with up to 36 teeth come into their own here. The finish will be fine but the cutting rate much slower. Teeth sets come either ground or milled. The ground sets come out sharper but wear out more rapidly. Blunter milled sets deliver rough cuts very quickly.
  • Blade material
    Jigsaw blades are made from an array of materials. The tougher the blade, the harder the material it can comfortably deal with. Some blades work equally well with hard or soft wood. Others are designed for one specific material. From high-speed steel (HSS) to high-carbon steel (HCS), tungsten carbide to carbide grit, there are many different blade materials depending on what you want to cut. There are also a few specialty blades from thin scrolling blades for intricate cutting through to dedicated plunge cutting blades. Think about how you will use your jigsaw and choose the most fitting blades.
  • Speed
    Measured in strokes per minute (SPM), the speed of a blade is determined by how often it moves up and down in 60 seconds. Typical speeds start out at 500SPM ranging up to 3000SPM and beyond. As with many aspects of finding the best jigsaw, there’s not one speed that suits all. Think about how you’ll mainly be using it and focus on getting one with a fitting speed.
  • Power
    The greater the power, the more easily you’ll slice your way through hard materials. 500W is adequate for most cutting needs. For any heavier-duty projects, you might want to look for a jigsaw kicking out 700W or more.
  • Handle style
    Jigsaws are designed with either a barrel handle or a D-shaped handle (sometimes called a top handle). While the barrel handle is not quite as comfortable, you’ll be able to get a better grip on it. This comes into its own for making reverse cuts. With a D-style, you’ll be able to hold it properly with one hand. This allows you to exercise more control and make more intricate cuts.
  • Orbital functionality
    If you want to control your jigsaw in all directions using a circular motion then look for enhanced orbital functionality. In addition to improved speed and accuracy, this also helps to keep wood chips out of harm’s way. Simply select the optimum orbital setting with a lever and you’re all set. You want less orbit if you’re making curved cuts or tight scrolls. For swift and straight cuts, more is required.

Usage and Maintenance Tips

Best jig saw reviews

Start by practicing slowly with your jigsaw on some scrap material. Take your time to familiarize yourself fully with the instructions and guidance offered by the manufacturer.

If you are a visual learner, check out some videos on using a jigsaw.

Maintenance with a jigsaw is almost non-existent. With some power tools like table saws or miter saws, you need to keep on top of things a little more. Jigsaws are pretty much plug-and-play.

Aside from making sure everything is safe and secure with the blade, there’s nothing else by the way of upkeep.

Ease your way in gently with your jigsaw. Work slowly until your confidence grows. In no time at all, you’ll be up and running perfectly!


Whether you want to use it for small projects at home or for extended use on the construction site, a jigsaw is highly adaptable power tool.

We hope that we’ve helped you out here with our jigsaw reviews and also with the buying guide.

Choosing the right jigsaw for your intended purpose is not rocket science. It is worth taking your time, though. The last thing you want is to rush out and get something unsuited to the jobs you have in mind.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are currently expanding our site to give you as much information as possible about a raft of power tools. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like covered.

Coming up in our series of power saws will be look at circulating saws, reciprocating saws and band saws.

Now grab yourself a jigsaw and get down to work!


With most tools, the top speed is rated in RPM. With a jigsaw, it’s quoted instead in SPM (strokes per minute). The majority of regular commercial jigsaw max out at 3000SPM. This should allow you to cope with most standard projects. Look out for variable speed settings. If you are engaged in basic and mundane DIY projects, this is not so crucial. For the precision and flexibility demanded in a commercial setting, go for something with multiple speed settings.

A regulation jigsaw moves up and down. With orbital settings, you can also exercise control forwards, backwards and sideways. This allows for more speed and accuracy. In general, the more orbital settings your jigsaw has, the better the user experience.

Yes. You just need to loosen a screw and you can angle off at 45 degrees in either direction. With some models you’ll need an Allen key, others have an inbuilt lever. As with all aspects of buying a jigsaw, think about how you will use it and buy accordingly.

It’s a given that most saws acquit themselves well with straight cuts. When it comes to making curved cuts, success or failure lies with the orbital settings. A saw with adequate orbital settings will deliver fully cutting curves.

It couldn’t be much easier. The best jigsaws usually make your life simple here with a quick-release system to swap blades. You won’t any tools. In the worst scenario, you’ll only need an Allen key.

Very much so. Woodworking kicks up plenty of dust. You need to work in a clean, irritant-free environment. A blower will do what the name suggests. A superior approach is a dust collector to trap any debris safely inside. These are generally sold separately.

It depends entirely on the type of jigsaw. Most are more than powerful enough for simple home woodworking. Corded jigsaws are normally more capable than cordless. For heavier needs, look for a model with a really able motor. Power is not the only factor, though. Think about overall speed, orbital settings and bevel settings. Again, think about what elements are most crucial for your woodworking.

Yes. From wood right through to ceramic, we have outlined above just which materials you can cut through with the best jigsaw.

Yes. While it can come in very handy for a professional, most home woodworkers or DIY fans also find a jigsaw invaluable. Portability, flexibility and a broad spread of cutting applications make this a power tool well worth buying.

Maintaining a clear line of sight on the cutting line can be awkward. Some models have LED lights to make this simpler. If the jigsaw you like has no such functionality, perhaps think about getting a dust collector.

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