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While a miter saw is indispensable, having a great table saw is a wonderful way to broaden the scope of your woodworking. Whether you want miters or bevels, rips or compound cuts, the best table saw is highly versatile woodworking equipment. Not only can you perform a healthy range of different cuts, you can also hook up various accessories to your table saw. Table saws are truly multi-purpose in the workshop.

How Do Table Saws Work?

A table saw doesn’t operate like a standard saw. The material will be moved toward the blade. This makes for a much more accurate cut. We will expand on the fence and miter gauge in due course. These will allow you to cut straight or angled as you wish. You really do get a lot of value for money with the best table saw.

Editor's Choice

  • Powerful 15-Amp motor
  • Collapsible rolling stand
  • Positive miter stops easily activated with thumb control
  • Large 32 ½-inch rip capacity
  • Solid rack and pinion fence
  • 10-inch blade made from carbide
  • Onboard storage
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Budget Friendly

  • Very powerful 15-amp motor
  • 40-tooth carbide blade
  • Arbor 5/8-inch
  • Bevel angle from -2 to 47 degrees
  • SmartGuard System
  • Push stick
Rated as
Amazon's Choice

  • Steel base
  • 15-amp motor
  • 5/8 inch arbor
  • SquareLock Rip Fence
  • Riving knife and anti-kickback pawls
  • Dust collection port
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There is a very wide range of superb table saws at your disposal. We are here to make your life easy.

Here’s a handy look at 5 of the top rated table saws on the market… While you are at it, you may also want to check cheap rated table saw for professionals at the Best Saw Club.

Table of Contents

Main Features
  • Powerful 15-Amp motor
  • Collapsible rolling stand
  • Positive miter stops easily activated with thumb control
  • Large 32 ½-inch rip capacity
  • Solid rack and pinion fence
  • 10-inch blade made from carbide
  • Onboard storage
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DeWalt manufactures reliable and high-performing power tools at reasonable cost. This combination means they feature consistently on best table saw list.

While DeWalt saws are certainly neither the cheapest nor the most eye-wateringly expensive, they occupy a middle ground while delivering quality that doesn’t cost a fortune.

This 10-inch DeWalt table saw is a benchtop model –  ideal for use in the home workshop or for smaller commercial jobs.

We’ll give you a quick glance at the main features then run this table saw down in more depth…

Straight off the bat, there are 3 configurations to choose from:

  • Table Saw and Stand
  • Table Saw and Stand + Dado Throatplate
  • Table Saw and Stand + Saw Blade (Combo Pack)

Whether you want to work with hardwood or even pressure-treated lumber, the 15-amp motor on this DeWalt table saw delivers the power you need when you need it. With softer wood like pine, the blade scythes through sublimely.

The DeWalt will do you proud for a broad spread of applications. If you’re a home woodworker, you’ll be able to rip sheet material, size material as thick as 3 inches, frame lumber and make cross cuts to your heart’s content. For professionals, the DeWalt is perfect for trim carpentry, installation of hardwood floors, decking or remodeling. There’s very little you can’t do with this beast.

The carbide blade has 24 teeth and cuts through even harder wood with consummate ease.The blade has a no-load speed of 4800RPM. The specialized electronic feed system means that the speed remains constant.

If you want to cut through bulky shelving or trim materials, the 32 ½-inch rip capacity comes into its own. You’ll also be able to make narrow rip cuts thanks to the material support system.

The table measures up at 26 x 22 inches. This gives you adequate space for most regular applications. Depth of cut is an impressive 3 1/8 inch at 90 degrees or 2 ¼ inches if you dial it back to 45 degrees.

The rip fence has a nifty flipping action so you can hold 2 different positions. This is an awesome feature if you’re cutting especially narrow workpieces. One of the dangers of ripping substantial pieces of lumber is breakage or the saw itself toppling over. The rail extension gives wonderful stability and allows you the freedom to undertake ambitious projects in complete safety.

Another nice safety feature is the on/off switch. Before you can fire your saw up, you’ll need to lift the safety cover which puts paid to any accidental start-ups. If you need to shut the saw down, just hit the bump pad and the power cuts out. Safety with table saws is absolutely crucial and DeWalt has your back.

If you need to move your saw around, it comes with a table saw stand that you can put up and down with ease. Fashioned from aluminum pipes with wheels that can handle uneven terrain, move around site without breaking your back. As well as its user-friendly nature, the stand can be stored away vertically so it’s a real space-saver whether at home or on the jobsite.

When you are woodworking, dust and debris can be a serious bugbear. There’s good news with the DeWalt, though. Connect the DWE7491RS to your favorite vacuum and keep your workspace blissfully free of fine particles. The 2 ½-inch dust port at the rear and 1 ½-inch port off the top of your blade makes for a powerful combination getting rid of dust from above and below.

The modular guarding system lets you work without worrying about losing your fingers. Onboard storage lets you stash everything you need exactly where you want it. This comes in particularly useful on the job site where keeping hold of bits and bobs can really test your patience.

If you want to get more ambitious and fit on some dado blades, the DeWalt is fully compatible. As stated above, you can take up the option of buying one ready to roll for this functionality at extra cost.

The Site Pro system lets you install the blade guard and riving knife tool-free. Make any necessary adjustments with a simple lever rather than reaching for your toolkit.

The 3-year manufacturer warranty means you can buy the DeWalt knowing you’re covered in the event of any malfunction. It’s rare for a warranty like this to be offered unless the company stands firmly behind their product. Let’s face it, they are not expecting to lose out on the deal!

Why we like it

  • Capable 15-amp motor will rip through tough hardwood with ease
  • Enhanced blade speed over previous models now maxing out at a highly impressive 4800RPM
  • Rip capacity of 32.5 inches so hack up larger pieces fuss-free
  • 10-inch blade with 24 teeth made from carbide for maximum cutting versatility and performance
  • Enhanced blade speed over previous models now maxing out at a highly impressive 4800RPM
  • Rolling stand is collapsible for convenience and easy transportation
  • Make rapid adjustments to fence: very user friendly with no troublesome fence drift that can plague cheaper table saws and mar your finished project
  • Hook up to vacuum for dust collection using the 2-inch dust port provided
  • 3-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind


In the end, if you want a table saw fit for use at home or work, think long and hard about the DeWalt DWE 7491RS.

You’ll get a totally dependable workhorse that will amplify the pleasure and scope of your woodworking perfectly.

The class-leading rip capacity and outstanding power means you can comfortably work with larger pieces of timber and the rolling stand is a wonderful touch.

All in all, if you’re looking for a hard-hitting table saw capable of demanding applications even in a professional setting, the DeWalt DWE7491RS is an absolute must-have. In our opinion it is the best benchtop table saw.

Main Features
  • Very powerful 15-amp motor
  • 40-tooth carbide blade
  • Arbor 5/8-inch
  • Bevel angle from -2 to 47 degrees
  • SmartGuard System
  • Push stick
Rated as

If you’re looking for a contractor table saw which is built to last the distance, the 4100-09 from Bosch is a solid choice.

With a highly capable motor and a 10-inch carbide blade with 40 teeth, you can use the Bosch just as happily on site as in the workshop. If you do need to move it around, the collapsible Gravity Rise Stand comes into its own.

While it might not be pocket-change, the price of the Bosch is extremely keen considering the top-tier functionality. Read on to determine whether or not this candidate for the best table saw deserves a place in your arsenal…

Table saws are extremely versatile and an absolute essential for many aspects of woodworking. In terms of reputation, Bosch jostles for position with DeWalt and the 4100-09 is a strong candidate for the best table saw on the market.

The 15-amp motor is outstanding, developing up to 4HP and operating at a speed of 3650RPM. This is not quite as pacey as the DeWalt but still more than respectable. The other advantage to this motor is that – for a table saw, at least – it’s pretty quiet. Noise isn’t such an issue out on the job site but if you’re woodworking at home, the quiet motor is a real boon.

Power is nothing if you end up with violent kickback. The anti-kickback pawls in place mean you can harness the performance without worrying about getting a chunk of wood in the face.You can make rip cuts up to 25 inches. Changing the blade is a cinch thanks to the arbor lock mechanism. The diameter of the blade is a full 10 inches.Safety is a prime concern for Bosch. From the SquareLock Rip Fence through to the patented SmartGuard System to lessen any chance of kickback, your security and comfort is taken care of. The blade guard and riving knife are quick-release. This takes away any excuse for not putting the guard back in place because it would be too much trouble, something that’s an accident waiting to happen.

The aluminum fence is first-rate. It slides beautifully up and down the rail. It’s no hassle at all to fix positions. For accuracy and precision, this is as good as fences get.

The table measures up at 29 inches by 21.5 inches. The 4100-09 is not suitable for dealing with large stock or sheets of wood. Made from aluminum, you’ll meet with no resistance as you slide the timber toward the blade. The only negative with the table is the way it’s finished with an anodized coating. This is fine to start with but tends to wear over time, something that doesn’t just look unsightly but can ultimately affect accuracy. This is a surprising oversight from Bosch and one we hope they rectify in future iterations of this fine table saw.

Beveling is possible at angles from -2 degrees right on out to 47 degrees.

Making adjustments to the blade height is not complex. There’s an elevation wheel housed at the front of the saw. Angle the blade using a switch behind the wheel. Lock it into place with a handle and you’re good to go.

The gravity rise stand is a sublime extra. You can open it up or collapse it with a simple lever. There are wheels if you need to move your saw around the site and, when you do this, the stand itself serves as a handle so you won’t strain yourself.

Another nice addition is the push stick thrown in. This is actually hidden away behind the place where the power cord is stored so dig this out and be sure to use it for added safety as some users are not even aware it’s provided!

The only notable downside of this superstar table saw is the miter gauge. You can quite easily pick yourself up an aftermarket gauge so this is not a serious issue.

If we were being particularly picky, we’d also single out the blade as being somewhat underwhelming. This, though, tends to a common flaw with most table saws so it’s tough to single out Bosch for special treatment here. Get yourself a new blade and it will be a worthwhile investment.

Although it’s not the best in-class, you’ll enjoy a 1-year limited warranty as with all Bosch machinery and power tools.

Overall, as you can see right here, the pros significantly outweigh these minor gripes…

Why we like it

  • 15-amp motor kicks out 4HP rotating at 3650PRM: superb performance
  • 10-inch blade has 40 teeth and 25-inch rip capacity
  • Carbide blade for accuracy and maximum cutting versatility
  • Arbor lock for safety and easy changing of blade
  • Substantial and stable work table allows you to comfortably cut large pieces of lumber
  • SquareLock Rip Fence precise, solid and safe
  • SmartGuard System with blade guard and riving knife so little chance of kickback
  • Shrouded dust collection port so you can hook up the Bosch to your shop vac and keep all dust and debris away fuss-free
  • Collapsible Gravity Rise Stand for total convenience


If you’re on the hunt for a dependable table saw that’s equally at home in the workshop or out on the construction site, the Bosch 4100-09 is well worth popping on your shortlist.

For a winning combination of power, accuracy and safety, the 4100-09 is hard to beat. It really is difficult to differentiate between this model and the DeWalt. Our advice is to road test both and see which feels best and which meshes with your cutting requirements. In our opinion it is the best contractor table saw.

Main Features
  • Steel base
  • 15-amp motor
  • 5/8 inch arbor
  • SquareLock Rip Fence
  • Riving knife and anti-kickback pawls
  • Dust collection port
Rated as

Another strong candidate for the best table saw from the mighty Bosch, the GTS1031 is a portable benchtop model.

This is a much smaller version of the 4100-09 but Bosch manages to deliver a huge punch in a compact package. Everyone has different needs when it comes to table saws so if you want to pay a little less without sacrificing performance or brand heritage, the GTS1031 makes good sense.

A snapshot of the principal features before we explore this portable table saw more fully…

Weighing just a touch over 50 pounds, you can carry the Bosch from project to project despite its solidity and steel base. You should be able to lug it around one-handed so it’s ideal for anyone working in varied locations.

The motor is a real powerhouse. 15-amp like most saws in this class, the no-load speed of 5000RPM means you can work with medium or large sheets of ply or hardwoods with ease. Most smaller saws seem to let you down when it comes to the motor but the Bosch delivers admirably.

If you are taking a table saw out on site, you need it to be rugged and dependable as well as powerful. The construction of the Bosch means it will withstand plenty of bumps and bangs without incurring any damage.

With the rip fence, just lift the lever, slot the fence in position, lock and load. Some users do complain that this lever is a little on the stiff side.

Kickback is menacing when you are working with table saws. A piece of wood flying towards you can be unnerving. With a riving knife and some effective anti-kickback pawls, Bosch keeps your safety uppermost. The blade guard lets you work clearly at all times without compromising your safety.

Keeping your work surface clean is crucial. There’s a 2-inch dust collection port provided. Hook up your table saw to your vacuum and goodbye dust and debris.

With a generous 18-inch rip capacity, you can work with even larger pieces of lumber stress-free.  You’ll be able to be able to take on board medium-large pieces of plywood or hardwood. Whether you’re working with flooring, shelving or decking, you can confidently take on a wide range of applications and rip your way through the lumber with ease.

Thanks to the SquareLock Rip Fence, cuts will be precise and even. With additional fence slots and a miter gauge, this is a top-notch fence system in all respects.

You’ll have the option of using a ½-inch dado set with this Bosch but you will need to purchase a dado throat if you want to experiment with this.

Under the table, you’ll find plenty of space to store away your accessories. This is valuable if you’re working on site and don’t want to keep hunting down bits and pieces. You’ll be able to stash your arbor wrench and Allen wrenches close to hand. The rip fence also flips upside down and can be stored under the table. It’s this kind of attention to detail for a jobsite saw that’s always appreciated.

Many user reviews report issues with the stiffness of the fence lever. Our advice is to learn to live with this rather than falling into the trap of trying to loosen it. While you may succeed in making it slightly simpler to operate, this will be at the sacrifice of accuracy so it’s really not worth tampering with this lever.

Considering its competitive price point and awesome functionality, there’s not really anything else we can flag as detrimental with this neat, powerful table saw.

The standard Bosch 1-year warranty covers all major breakdowns. You even get 30 days in which to get your money back if you are not happy. You really can’t lose!

Why we like it

    • Extremely portable without sacrificing build quality, a rare combination
    • Very powerful engine with no-load speed of 5000RPM
    • 18-inch rip capacity for medium to large sheets
    •  3 1/8 inch depth of cut at 90 degrees and 2 ¼ inches at 45 degrees which is impressive for a saw of this stature
    • Bevel from -2 degrees out to 47 degrees for maximum flexibility of cuts
    • Work dust-free with awesome dust collection port
    • Minimize any kickback thanks to riving knife and pawls so work in total safety
    • Superb miter gauge for highly accurate cuts every time

SquareLock Rip Fence delivers consistent cuts without constant adjustment



If you are after a table saw that you can carry around without straining yourself without dipping out on durability and performance, the Bosch GTS1031 merits further investigation.

Bosch proves with the GTS1031 that good things sometimes come in small packages. A hulking static table saw is all well and good if you plan to keep it in the workshop and you have large, ambitious cutting projects in mind. It’s no use at all, obviously, if you need a saw you can move around.

Equally, it’s senseless picking yourself up a compact unit if it lets you down where it counts in terms of performance. The Bosch GTS1031 is the ideal combination so check one out at your earliest convenience! This is one table saw that will not disappoint. In our opinion, it is the best compact table saw.

Main Features
  • Cast iron table
  • T-shaped miter gauge
  • T-shaped fence
  • 2HP motor with 3850RPM no-load speed
  • 30-inch rip capacity to the right
  • 12-inch rip capacity to the left
  • Anti-kickback pawls
Rated as

As we near the end of our table saw reviews, we’ll include a hybrid saw from the highly reputable Shop Fox. Shop Fox are owned by Woodstock International. This parent company also owns Grizzly so you’ll get great brand heritage and performance to match.

Everyone has different cutting needs and for professional contractors or serious home woodworking, a hybrid saw is the next best thing to the cabinet saw we will look at to finish up.

Replacing the hugely popular outgoing W1824, the W1851 is a brand-new Shop Fox hybrid with the same enclosed cabinet as you’ll find on the W1819 alongside features more in line with a contractor’s saw. We chose to review the W1851 as it’s a more flexible option than the W1819 and appeals to a broader range of woodworkers. We rarely review brand new products but in this case we made an exception… With a brand like Shop Fox, it’s not a case of taking a chance but of betting on a winning team.

Check out the key features before we break down this awesome hybrid saw to simplify your buying decision for you…

Shop Fox offer 2 similar hybrid models. The W1819 is a full 120 pounds heavier than this 400-odd pound W1851. If you need the flexibility of a table saw you can move around combined with the power of a cabinet, this could be just what you were looking for.

The first thing to draw your attention to is that this saw will take you a few hours to set up so don’t expect to get cutting straight out the box. On the plus side, instructions are crisp and clear. All components will slot into place neatly so you just need a bit of patience and some practical know-how and you’ll be up and running soon enough.

The motor runs on 220V and kicks out 2HP. You can work confidently with even large and hard materials. This is a single-phase motor which will also run on 110V although it’s pre-wired for 220.

The table along with its handy extension measures 27 inches by 55 inches.  It sits 34 inches off the ground. This gives you more than enough space to deal with larger workpieces without feeling cramped. The table is fashioned from precision ground cast-iron meaning accuracy remains uppermost and it’s built to last the distance.

The rip capacity is extremely generous. You’ll be able to rip cut 30 inches with the blade to the right and 12 inches to the left.

In terms of depth of cut, you’ll be able to go 3 1/8 inches at 90 degrees while at 45 degrees you can cut 2 3/16 inches.

The blade will tilt to the left from 0 to 45 degrees.

For any non-through cuts, there’s a riving knife included. Kickback should not be an issue. The riving knife is easy to swap out and stops the work piece pinching up against the blade. This is what causes the piece to fly back in your direction. There’s very little danger of that with the W1851.

Any table saw generates large volumes of dust and debris. This needs to be kept out of your face and line of sight. You’ll get a 4-inch dust port with this saw. Connect it to your shop vac and make certain your workshop is free of menacing sawdust.

The blade guard is transparent. You’ll be able to see clearly as you work while being protected from harm. This is a quick release guard.  There’s also a nifty internal airflow channel with a 15/8-inch connection for the blade guard port You’ll also get some anti-kickback pawls for good measure.

Despite the power of this marvelous hybrid saw, you won’t be bothered by too much noise – this is always relative with table saws as none are quiet per se – or vibration.

Why we like it

  • Benefits of a cabinet saw with added adaptability and without the prohibitive cost
  • Potent 220V, 2HP motor for accurate and powerful cuts
  • Lightweight model at 380 pounds so reasonably portable for a hybrid
  • Table made from precision-ground cast-iron offers the ultimate in durability and accuracy
  • Interchangeable riving knife to cut down any chance of potentially dangerous kickback
  • Cut large 30-inch rips to the right and 12 inches to the left with real ease
  • Superb gauge and fence system built to last
  • Quick-change blade guard for your convenience
  • Outstanding customer service department if you happen to run into any snags


If you want something approaching the rugged performance of a cabinet saw without the eye-watering price tag, this superb hybrid table saw from Shop Fox is a smart choice.

For power and performance in a user-friendly package, the Shop Fox ticks every box. There’s very little we can find to complain about with this table saw and every reason to encourage you to buy it.

If you fancied the look of the outgoing model but you’re in the mood for the very latest hybrid saw instead, check out the Shop Fox W1851 today and start ripping with confidence and precision tomorrow. In our opinion, it is the best hybrid table saw.

Main Features
  • 220V, 3HP motor
  • Supports all 10-inch blades
  • Heavyweight at almost 500 pounds
  • 4-inch dust collection port
  • Electronic detection and braking safety system
  • Riving knife with left-tilted blade
Rated as

To round out our look at these table saw reviews, here’s a true heavyweight table saw, a fantastic cabinet from SawStop.

This table saw is certainly not cheap and it is absolutely not for everyone. For portability or use on the job site, check out one of our other recommendations. If, however, you have the budget to spare and you want a saw fit for any factory shop or commercial outlet, though read on…

Before we explore this saw more fully, a brief breakdown of the major features:

In terms of the very best table saws, cabinet models are in a league of their own. At a colossal 493 pounds, you won’t be moving this in a hurry! That’s hardly the point, though. A saw like this is not meant to be carried around so if you want a permanent fixture capable of seriously heavy-duty cutting, keep reading…

The 3HP motor runs on 220V. You can cut precisely even if you need this saw for professional use. It’s built to cope with even demanding applications and to keep running for extended periods without overheating or letting you down.

There’s a 36-inch glide fence which allows you to make a range of cuts in multiple directions. The maximum depth of cut is 3 1/8 inches at 0 degrees and 2 ¼ inches at 90 degrees. This is pretty standard for table saws in this class and gives you the ability to undertake a wide range of cuts.

Every woodworker knows the plague of working in a dusty environment. The SawStop has a fantastic dust collection system so you can enjoy your cutting without your eyes being strained. Almost all of the dust is wicked away both above and below the table. Up above, the blade does all the legwork and there’s a neatly designed shroud which pulls all this dust away from the blade. The 4-inch port means you can slip your shop vac on with no issues.

When you have a table saw as large and capable as the SawStop, safety is paramount.  Dust is only one issue when it comes to operating risk-free. You’re in completely safe hands thanks to an exceptional patented system to lessen any likelihood of injury…

The blade carries an electrical charge. If your skin contacts your blade, the signal changes. The safety system is activated. The aluminum brake stops the blade and sends it under the table. Power is shut off and restarting is straightforward. This system alone makes the SawStop worth considering if you want a hazard-free factory or workshop.

Another valuable safety feature is a lockout key. This prevents any unauthorized users from firing up the saw. The last thing you want is your kid wandering into the workshop and starting up your table saw.

The start/stop paddle allows for hands-free shutoff if you have both hands occupied. Simply use your knee to grind things to a halt.

The heavyweight trunnion on the SawStop has the thickest arbors you can find on a 10-inch saw. These have gas pistons which make for extremely smooth operation. The gearing is extremely rugged and open to minimize the way in which dust tends to compact.

If you want more mobility, you can pay a little more for the mobility base. You’ll get pivoting and stationary casters allow you a bit of wiggle room. There’s also a further upgrade assembly available which serves up a 1000-pound lift capacity, 4 pivoting casters along with a hydraulic piston lift.

Cutting full sheets of most materials is a pleasure with the SawStop. As far as cabinet saws goes, this is a real prizewinner.

Why we like it

  • Motor is sufficiently powerful for even prolonged commercial use
  • Depth of cut is 3 1/8 inches at 0 degrees while you can cut 2 ¼ inches at 90 degrees
  • T-Glide fence system made from high-grade steel gives you a large, smooth and precise working surface
  • All regular 10-inch blades slot in with ease for a versatile experience
  • Pop in 8-inch dado blades for increased cutting scope
  • Blade tilts to the left to minimize wood binding against fence
  • Change blade guards, riving knife and pawls with no need for tools
  • 99% of dust trapped in the enhanced dust collection system
  • First-class integrated safety system to reduce any chance of injury


Cabinet saws lead the pack when it comes to the very best table saws. SawStop deliver a top-class example in the form of the PCS31230-TGP236.

For really heavy-duty professional cutting, whatever your trade, the SawStop is a real beast that will not let you down. It’s fitting to close out our table saw reviews with the best of the best.

There’s a 2-year limited warranty so you know you’re covered in the event of any mishap.

Check out the SawStop PCS31230-TGP236 for a no-holds bar table saw solution worthy of a place in any workshop. We believe that it is the best cabinet table saw.

best table saw: Looking for more information?

Interested to learn more in-depth details about selecting the right tool for your needs? Read our Informational Buyer Guide and Frequently Asked Questions sections on this topic for more details.

Final Words...

If you’re at all serious about woodworking, there really is no substitute for the best table saw in your workshop. As you’ve seen today, there is a huge variety when it comes to these saws. This is not a decision to rush into.

Now you’ve thought about your own cutting requirements, checked what to look out for and read some reviews, there’s one more piece of advice…

Read plenty of user reviews. Most people offer honest feedback when they are reporting on a product.

Please reach out with any queries or feedback. We’re always delighted to hear from you and more than happy to help.

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