Bosch 5312 12-Inch Dual Bevel Slide compound Miter Saw Review

As I was searching for a reliable and efficient dual bevel slide compound miter saw, I came across Bosch. Having known for Bosch for quality product, I decided to buy this model Bosch. After working with it for quite awhile, I found it satisfactory and I was convinced that it merited the 4.5/5 rating. It has a durability, speed, features, performance and quality that match those of top rated saws in the market. It is suitable for a number of works. I am able to use it for framing and crown molding. Though, it is a large saw, any person can manage the weight. Amazing features in this model of Bosch’s saw are:

  • A motor of 15 amperage
  • large base of 25-1/2-inch making it possible for wide range of sizes of material to be accommodated on the saw
  • for increased crown molding cutting capacities as well easy bevel setups, Bosch’s engineers included a 4-1/2-inch speed track built-in cast sliding fences
  • built-in cast sliding extensions added to the based in order to obtain up to 40 inches of length
  • quick and accurate bevel settings via the easily accessible range selector knob and up-front bevel lock lever
  • dual sliding design for precision in cutting after cutting
  • bevel stops and detents at 45 degrees on the right and 0, 33.9 on the left
  • a thin-kerf, carbide-tipped blade of 60-tooth for accurate and easy cut (the blade is capable of staying sharp for a long time)
  • electric brake which is capable of bringing the blade to a halt in second making it possible for you to have quick and repetitive cuts
  • dust bag
  • tool-free vertical work clamp
  • wrench set and others
  • one year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee


  • Portability: though, this model of Bosch saw is fairly large, it comes with two strong handles making it easy for you to carry it about or change its position as you are working with it.
  • Durability: I was amazed by the durability of this saw. It once fell down from a deck, I thought it has spoilt and nothing happened to it. It is still working fine as like the first time I used it
  • Speed: it has amazing speed which will make your work such as crown molding and tall baseboard to be easy and quick.


  • The blade is not as strong the blade of a Makita saw that I have used. You will change it sooner than you expected
  • Occupies some space: this machine is somewhat large in size even it is not too heavy. So, it will take up some space in your workshop or your tool storage unit or closet.

Final Thoughts

Bosch 5312 has everything you are looking for in a best sliding compound miter saw of its class. It offers durability, speed, functionality, comfort and perfect cut. However, it has own drawbacks which can be overlooked when you consider the numerous benefits you will derive from its use.

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