Bosch GCM12SD Dual Bevel Glide Miter Saw Review

Bosch Miter Saw

The Bosch GCM12SD is one of flagship tools in their range of miter saws. The all new GCM12Sd is a dual bevel glide miter saw that comes with some of the most innovative features. It is aimed to cater to those people who have small workspaces. This power tool is absolutely compact, makes quality cuts with great finish and precision while the smoothness and consistency of each cut will just leave you amazed. The axial glide system is a new innovative feature which helps folding the arm flush with the back of the saw in order to save space. The Bosch GCM12SD is an improvised version of the traditional sliding compound miter saw.

Why Bosch range of miter saws stand out?

Bosch is one of the leading companies that manufactures power tools for professionals as well as casual workers. Bosch has been known for integrating the best technology into their tools to make them sleek in design, exceptional in quality and durable as a whole. Bosch range of miter saws have various variants including compound miter saws, standard miter saws, dual bevel compound miter saws and sliding compound miter saws. Keeping up with its name, Bosch has consistently been giving the best technology equipment for professionals in the home improvement and woodwork field. Each feature is aimed at providing the best user experience with the equipment. Bosch also provides great customer service and warranty while providing you with these tools at great price ranges.


  • The axial glide system keeps your workpiece totally in control and balanced so you can make précised cuts smoothly.
  • It come with a 15 amp 3800 rpm motor that has enough power to work on the hardest woods and materials without having to put in a lot of effort. The 12 inch blade is sharp and gives consistent smooth cuts every single time.
  • Quick and easy alignment of your workpiece is aided through the quick release squarelock fence which slide to give the most accurate alignment.
  •  The miter scale is made out of stainless steel and is etched with large numbered measurements, which make easy to read to make adjustments in the angles up to 52 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right. The miter detent override is in the form of a push button to help you make minute changes for precise cutting.
  • The comfort level with this tools is enhanced due its great grip handles which give full control of the tools thereby promising safety while in use. It comes with a large handle with soft grip for user comfort.
  • Neat workspaces means less amount of additional work. This additional feature in this tool is the dust chute and vacuum adaptor which captures all the additional dust to give a cleaner environment.


  • Given the price range, there should have been a laser system to focus on the part of the workpiece that is being worked on.
  • There is no quick release material clamp

Final Thoughts

The bosch GCM12SD is a fine tools and caters to almost all woodworking requirements at once. The perfect cuts with consistency, quality materials in build, durable equipment, easy adjustments and most importantly light and easy to use, this tool has every feature that a worker needs to make the perfect masterpiece.

While different people have different needs, this tool is best for professionals who need to work on large and heavy materials. The 12 inch blade cuts large materials and the compact lightweight tool makes it absolutely portable. This dual bevel compound sliding miter saw is a tool that is a pleasure to use for any woodwork or for cutting hard materials.

Bosch is a leading company, which produces the best quality tools. Their large range of power tools include benchtop tools, cordless tools, saws, hammer and hammer drills, measurement tools, dust management systems and so much more. Accessories and attachments to add to the miter saw are very easily available through Bosch. The warranty period gives guarantee of replacement incase of any kind of issues. With great customer service, warranty and a decent price range, this tool is a good catch.

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