Brands of miter saws

  • Ridgid

Ridgid has a limited range of efficient products. Ridgid provides two variants: 10 inch and 12 inch. Aimed at catering to most crosscut needs, their range includes compound and dual bevel sliding compound types. Both variants are powered by 15 amp motors with different models having a no load speed of 3600 – 5000 rpm.

  • Hitachi

Hitachi is a leading brand name in the industry that retails in quality professional tools that aim at giving quality outputs. Hitachi has a wide range including standard, compound, dual compound and sliding. Hitachi’s range is budget friendly and has products with features adding up at every budget level to give quality output at affordable prices.

  • Bosch

Bosch is a well-known name in the industry when it comes to power tools like miter saws. The product ranges aim at bringing in the latest technology along with additional inputs, making crosscuts in any given material with utter perfection and smoothness. Their products feature some special benefits like axial sliding systems, laser markers, lights that focus on the material and more.

  • Black and Decker 

Black and Decker has been retailing power tools since years and has built its reputation based on strong customer satisfaction. Their small ranges are equipped with the latest technology and features to aid in a perfect cutting experience and give the best final products. They also provide great warranty and after sale service and retail accessories or parts of miter saws as well.

  • Craftsman

Craftsman are a range that are budget friendly while providing the best features and including safety measures in the products. their range begins at a price range of $65 and more importantly has a unique set of miter saws with 7 ¼ inch blades. Their 10-inch and 12-inch range of compound and sliding compound  have great comfort while working on large materials. This brand deliver quality within amazing prices.

  • Dewalt

Dewalt are known among professionals who work with huge woodwork and heavy materials that need crosscuts for their absolutely smooth cutting experience. the quality of blades, ease of access and accuracy due to special miter and bevel adjustment features are just exceptional. It’s  lower priced compared to the kind of efficiency they provide.

  • Makita 

Makita is a leading retailer that understand how important it is for woodwork and crosscuts in heavy materials to be made accurately in order to create final masterpieces and thus it provides a range of miter saws that give great durability through consistent cuts every time on any kind of woods and hard metals. With the best designs in class, the product of this brand come with great crown molding capacities, bevel adjustments and are lightweight.

  • Ryobi 

Ryobi is professionally equipped to give great comfort with the help of additional features like pivoting fence for support, laser markers, lighting the workspace, bevel and miter adjustments to fine tune the final cuts, carbide tipped blades for smooth cutting and  much more. The list of features that their range of miter saws provide is unmatched .

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