Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best Band Saw

A bandsaw is a priority when choosing equipment for your workshop. Of course, you can cut efficiently with a table saw, but there are more ways to work on lumber than just cutting it straight. If you want to cut curves – all you need is a top band saw.

Ok, now it’s time for a question: What is the best band saw? We are here to answer that and guide you through the various properties of these devices.

A band saw is so much more versatile than a table saw. Yes, you can’t give up a table saw so easily. Otherwise, you will lose the beautiful, clean straight ripping. Although choosing an additional saw for your workshop will bring you many benefits. Band saws are here to broaden your designing palette.

This article will be your guide to purchasing the right band saw for your DIY projects. Read on and enjoy your shopping soon.

Deciding on a Blade Guide

When picking a blade saw, you will need to stop here for a moment as a blade guide is the crucial element of this device. Guides keep the blade on its course when you turn on the machine, and it starts to engage the wood rapidly. You want your blade to cut precise lines and curves, and it is not possible without good guides.

Quality is the most important thing when choosing the right blade guides, and woodworkers have their own preferences when making that choice. Although, you may want to select guides that hold your blade above and below the worktable firmly and are set close to the sides of the blade.

Size of the Table

Woodworking projects always require a large carpentry tablet. Keep in mind that each of your saws also needs a table of their own. It should be enough if the size of it is 16″ x 20″. You will be able to work even on large projects with it. Make sure that the table is made of cast iron and supported with pivots.

Besides, you should be able to position the table in any inclination from 0 to 45 degrees. Ask about a “table tilt” when you’re at the shop. Easy adjustment is what you need to consider if a blade saw is your favorite device in your workshop.

Powerful Motor

It is nothing more than simple logic – the more powerful the motor, the easier it will be for your saw to cut. Especially slicing through metal may be challenging, but when you invest in a device with a strong motor, you will have a chance to create whatever you want, and nothing (meaning no material) will stop you.

Having the opportunity to cut with the power that doesn’t limit your creative mind will give your projects a unique personal touch. Usually, one horsepower is enough for any in-home wood crafts.

Rip Fence

Yes, a rip fence, as well as a miter gauge, is essential when you want to cut wood straight. Those parts of the device will guide your moves as you slice the material and will make your cuts more even.


Depending on what pieces of wood you want to cut, you need to pay attention to the size of the band’s throat. This is the vertical distance between the saw blade and the saw body.

The band saw models have the advantage over table saws that they can have much bigger throats. These values for table saws are typically up to 9 or 10 inches, so if you want to cut bigger pieces, choosing the band saw is the best idea.

Cut Depth

Cutting depth is something different than the throat. It shows you the distance from the table to the blade guides. So in simple words, it will tell you how thick wood pieces you will be able to cut on the machine – it is called the saw’s cutting capacity.


Picking the best band saw isn’t that easy. Mostly because there are a lot of functions that you have to take into account when trying to make your best choice. However, if you take a moment to focus on the product, you will be able to make informed choices and find exactly what you want when at the store.

Try to choose a band saw that would be useful for your personal projects. Indicate your true hobby and what your clients will want to see – it will help you figure out what bans saw’s properties would be the best.

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