How to choose right miter saw?

A miter saw is actually a sharp blade which is suitable for domestic use for the purpose of cutting wood at any angle. The cuts made are damn accurate due to the stationary wooden object and the moving tool. The accuracy of the cuts made is dependent on the type and quality of your tool. Choosing this saw can be very challenging especially for an inexperienced person as there are several factors which you have to consider as a buyer. If you need a correct type of  saw and want to make the right choice you will have to consider following important aspects and you will get a perfect match for your needs.

Things to consider

The following is a list of some important things related to this type of saw which you need to consider before making a purchase:

  • Blade – Blade is the core component of the tool. It determines the quality of the cut and also its depth/ height. The blade size varies and usually you will find them to be of 8, 10 and 12 inches. There are numerous types of blades available which can be used to chop different types of materials such as mild steel or aluminum, other than the wood. More the blade has the teeth; finer and more accurate will be the cut.
  • Miter – Just as the name suggests, it is something which can cut miters or in other words, angled cuts. The equipment comes adjusted to cut at several angles such as the popular 45 degree angle which is in good demand.
  • Slide – As you can imagine, this kind of saw demands a sliding action from the user which in a way helps to cut materials of thicker width. You should surely check the specs that how capable it is to chop certain width materials at certain specific angles. If you have very normal domestic needs such as to cut a piece of dado then the sliding of the equipment is not much desirable and also the capacity required will be lesser.
  • Bevel Compound – If you have a tool that bevels then it means that it will make angular bevel cuts into the material. In other words, it means that you will be able to make 2 cuts on the material with just a single strike. The saw actually performs this double action by tilting towards a side and as well as rotating itself on the saw table. There are two bevel types namely single and the double bevel. The double bevel means that the saw can rotate in either of the directions. This bevel feature is critically important which makes it an effortless tool for the user as he is not required to maneuver the material as well based on the angle that you desire.
  • Miscellaneous Features – There are some miscellaneous and special features as well which you should definitely consider as it determines the actual price. Such features includes light source, laser line for accuracy, clamps, extension arms, and adjustable rear fences etc.


There are a number of factors which you should consider before purchasing a miter saw. Look for the type and quality of its blade, bevel compound, miter, sliding capability and several other features as well. There are some accessories as well which usually are available to be purchased separately. If you don’t know about the details and accessories this saw you will never be able to get a perfect saw for you. So get yourself familiar with all the technical aspects as well as general information to get the most suitable one for you.

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