Cleaning and Regular Maintenance for Miter Saws

Miter saws are valuable tools for crafters and woodworkers. Unfortunately, most owners of this important tool do not know how to maintain and clean their tools. Well maintained saws tend to deliver the best quality of cuts. Besides this, if you are able to clean and maintain your miter saw very well, then the tool will last longer for you. Cleaning and maintaining your miter saw regularly is not a Herculean task. If you form it as a habit, then you will be able to take good care of your tool for years.  Here are some tips to help you get started.

clean and maintenance

  • Getting Rid of Debris and Dust ParticlesThe first step in cleaning and maintaining your miter saw is to eliminate debris from it. You need a compressed air in order to be able to blow off the dust particles on the surfaces of the tool. You should pay more attention on the moving parts of the tool, making sure that no dust particle is left on any of them. When you have used the compressed air to blow of the debris, the work is not yet done, you have to also ensure that the tool is clean by using a clean and dry cloth or rag to clean up the tool so that it will look new.TIP: If you have a shop vac, you can also use this to clear away debris from the saw. 
  • Cleaning the Miter Saw Cutting Table and FenceThere is the tendency for some people to think that the cleaning work is done once they are done with the cleaning of their tool. The last thing they will do is to clean the saw cutting table and fence. This should not be the case. The cleaning task should also be extended to these exterior parts of the saw. When you clean the cutting table and fence, then you have fully cleaned the surface of the saw. You will need a scotch-bright pad for the cleaning of the table and fence. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it in a hardware shop or grocery shops. You should also use fluid circular motion, a cleaning agent, on the table and fence only. Use these cleaning materials to clean and shine the tool’s surfaces. You need to apply some force on the surface, especially where there are caked particles. Make sure that you remove all particles from the surface.

Sharpen blade

  • Cleaning and Sharpening the BladesThe blades of the saw are very important because the functionality of the tool depends to a great extent on the functionality of the blades. If the blades are functional, than the tool will deliver better cutting results. This is why it is highly necessary that you clean the blades. The blade is sharp, so you have to be very careful when removing debris from the teeth of the blades. Do not use your bare hands. You may consider using a brush or else wearing thick work gloves. After cleaning and removing debris from the teeth of the blades, you have to apply some cutting oil on the surface of the blade. Utilise circular motion in applying the cutting oil. Sharpen the blades if they are becoming blunt. Make sure that you use the right sharpening tools and learn how to sharpen the blades, otherwise look for help.
  • Cleaning the Exterior Moving PartsThere are some exterior moving parts of the miter saw that you should not overlook when cleaning your tool. Apply the right lubricant on these parts. Find out from the user manual the type of lubricants required for lubricating these parts. Lubricating them helps to make them more functional as it reduces friction. It will also enhance the longevity of the parts.
  • Check the Kerf Board, Brushes and Power CordWhen checking these parts look for breakages, wear, chipping, cracks, crumbling and breakages on the brushes. Check the power cord to see if there are any cracks, brakes and cuts. Replace any of these parts that has worn out. 

Following these maintenance steps every time you use the saw will help you keep it in the best condition and extend its life as long as possible. Remember that once the parts of the saw become worn out or broken they should always be replaced to make sure the tool is safe to use and operates perfectly. 

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  1. For a Sears 10″ miter saw, infrequently used, about 10 ? years old. Manual says no lubrication, bearings lubricated for life. YET – when releasing the power switch and the blade slows to a stop – there are clear sounds of a dry bearing somewhere close to the blade end (not the brush end). No such sounds on start or while sawing, only when stopping. Is the bearing blade end bearing accessible to be lubed and how so?


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