CRL CTD Quick Index 12-Inch Miter Saw Review

CRL CTD Quick Index 12-Inch Miter Saw Review

There are miter saws and then there are miter saws for uncompromising professionals with the budget to match their aspirations…

If you’re a skilled tradesman and you want the very best that money can buy, buckle up for today’s brief CRL CTD quick index 12-inch miter saw review.

CR Laurence needs no introduction to the initiated. This Californian company is the uppermost single source supplier and manufacturer to multiple industries spanning construction, architecture, glazing and many more. Operating throughout North America, Europe and Australia, CRL offer the perfect combination of rock-solid, high-end products married to sterling support.

There’s not exactly a wealth of information available relating to this stunning 12-inch miter saw. This is understandable since upscale products of this ilk find their own market. If you don’t know what CRL stands for, you’re probably not likely to buy one of these miter saws!

If you do know, though, and you have exacting cutting needs and deep pockets, read on…

Main Features

  • 2HP engine either 1-phase or 3-phase
  • 3700RPM
  • 1-inch arbor
  • Miters in both directions
  • 6 pin stops
  • Adjustable fences

A standard 12-inch miter saw is a beefy piece of kit and the CRL is anything but standard. Tipping the scales at 150 pounds, this is an absolute beast. Machined with maximum efficiency in mind, this perfectly balanced saw is a true pleasure to use. The iron castings ensure not just unerring precision but also guarantee a fantastic lifespan. Consider the money spent on this saw an investment rather than an expense.

You can opt for a single-phase or 3-phase motor depending on your shop set-up. Be certain to specify your voltage requirements when you place your order. The 2HP unit is lethally powerful and tops out at 3700RPM so you’ll have all the pace you need married to absolute precision.

Mitering to left or right is a cinch and you’ll benefit from a series of 6 positive stops. These detents are set at 0 through 90 degrees giving you a great deal of versatility along with the convenience of quick index pin stops make your life easier on the job.

When it comes to materials, the world’s your oyster with this stunning pro-grade miter saw. From all types of wood and non-ferrous metals right up to aluminum (and even steel with the insertion of an abrasive wheel), there’s not much the CRL won’t churn through with consummate ease.

With both blade and belt drive fully enclosed, safety occupies as important a position as accuracy and performance with this saw. You’ll be able to focus fully on the project at hand without worrying about losing a finger.

The fences are fully adjustable and slotted and they’ll stay permanently square to the blade. The attention to detail on the CRL is no less than you’d expect from this industry legend.

Since this miter saw is obviously designed for industrial use rather than the occasional outing in a home workshop, the bearings are sealed allowing for heavy punishment without any interruption to service.

Take a glance now at the shower of benefits offered by this sterling miter saw and decide whether you’ll bless your workshop with its presence…


  • Incredibly heavy-duty so tailor-made for even the most demanding and sustained industrial applications
  • 1 or 3 phase motor develops 2HP and maxes out at 3700RPM
  • Miter to both left and right with positive detents at 0, 15, 22 ½, 30, 45 and 90 degrees for total flexibility with your cuts
  • Perfectly machined so you can work with a range of materials from wood and non-ferrous metals through to aluminum extrusions
  • Capable of cutting steel if you make use of an abrasive wheel
  • Complete enclosure around the blade and belt drive so work in total safety even with more rigorous applications
  • Fully adjustable slotted key fences stay flush to the blade at all times
  • Sealed, pre-loaded bearings in both pivot shafts and spindle so suitable for prolonged, heavy industrial use


  • Outrageously expensive but in return you’ll get an unparalleled miter saw from a stellar brand


Buying a CRL product is certainly not going to be a whim purchase. Costing the same as a used car, this miter saw is evidently not for the casual home hobbyist looking to make an occasional cut.

Professional craftsmen, whatever their trade, need something a notch above a regular, production-line saw and the CRL CTD is a rugged 12-incher that will deliver uncompromising cutting performance for years on end without letting you down.

Check out this outstanding miter saw if you’re ready to lift your cutting game to the next level. Price notwithstanding, there’s no reason not to buy this if money is no object and you prize performance above all else. Don’t be fooled by the homemade look of the manufacturer’s website… CRL is the real deal.

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