DEWALT DWS782 12-Inch Slide Compound Miter Saw Review

If you are a woodworker, carpenter or your work requires you to make wider cuts on wider surfaces or board, you will definitely require a best sliding compound miter saw in order to make a perfect cut. As you know, there are many brands of  miter saw in the market today but they are not equally made. There is no doubt that you will like to buy the best product. As a person that has been working with this type of saw, one product that I will recommend for you when it is time for you to buy a  miter saw is Dewalt DWS782. As the name already tells you, it is a product of Dewalt which is one of the most reliable and reputable companies as far as the manufacturing of woodworking and construction tools are concerned.

When I was searching for the sliding compound miter saw online, I stumbled on this product in Amazon. The first thing that attracted me and in fact made me to buy this product was the numerous positive reviews it has received in Amazon. It has got a total of 4.8/5 rating as of the time I bought it. So, I decided to go for it and I was happy with my decision to buy it. This model of Dewalt is indeed packed with a lot of features which makes cutting easier, faster and comfortable. The product has the following features:

  • miter detent plate made from stainless (it is adjustable adjusted and comes with 10 positive stops)
  • dust collection system
  • miters 50 degree to the left and 60 degree to the right
  • A motor of 15 amps and 3,800 rmp
  • cut capacity which includes 13-7/8-inch horizontal capacity, 7-12-inch nested crown capacity and exclusive back fens design which is capable of cutting at 90 degree up to 2×16 and at 45-degree angle up to 2×12
  • three years limited manufacturer’s warranty


Below are some of the benefits you will be able to obtain from this product.

  • Flexibility: it is a moderately lightweight product. You can easily carry or manage its weight weather you are a woman or a
  • Easy to unpack: it comes in a well and neatly packed box. But you will not have any problem unpacking it and to hoist it on the right stand in your workshop.
  • Perfect cut: as it has been said above, these products come with a lot of factors that make it possible for users to obtain a perfect cut. It is a product to go for if want you are looking for is a perfect cut.
  • Affordability: the saw is sold for $399 at Amazon. This is a fairly good price when you consider the features and the advantages you will obtain from its use.


As there is no such thing as a perfect miter saw without any imperfection, everything about Dewalt DWS782 is not positive.

  • Absence of the laser or light: I was not happy that this model of Dewalt cutting tool does not come with any laser or light to point at where you are cutting. The bells and whittles available in some other products are not available in this model. If you prefer the worklight as well as the bells and whittles, you will be disappointed with this model of Dewalt.
  • The dust collector bag included in the model does not trap much dust because of the narrowness of the plastic tube that runs and goes to the bag from the saw. The consequence is after a few minutes of cutting, the plastic tube will be clogged up.


Though, Dewalt DWS782 may have its imperfection, it is still one of the best  miter saw in the market. It offers a perfect cut which makes most consumers to continue to go for it. You will definitely get value for your money if you buy this brand of Dewalt.

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