Mark Stuart’s FurnitureCraftPlans: DIY Furniture The Easy Way

Have you always wanted to begin making your own furniture but got stuck for ideas before you even got started?

Perhaps you’ve already tried some basic woodworking but you need new stimulation…

Whatever your situation, if you fancy a bumper catalog of crisp, detailed furniture plans, Mark Stuart’s FurnitureCraftPlans is well worth your time and the modest $77 investment.

Who Is Mark Stuart?

If you’ve ever scratched your head at poorly laid-out and unclear furniture plans, chances are they were produced by someone with absolutely no practical woodworking knowledge.

Mark Stuart is a professional carpenter with a quarter-century in the trenches. He’s a member of the North Texas Woodworker’s Association (NTWA) As well as making his own furniture, he also works as an educator helping others improve their woodworking skills.

With FurnitureCraftPlans, he brings all of his expertise to bear on 9000 very user-friendly plans catering for just about any project you could imagine…

What Is FurnitureCraftPlans?

This fantastic digital product contains over 9000 complete plans and blueprints for a vast array of furniture projects covering everything from guitars to shelving, decking to desks and just about everything in between.

If you are tired of recurring monthly payments and you don’t like the idea of subscription services, you’ll love the simple one-off payment of $77 giving you lifetime access to this treasure trove of furniture plans.

As soon as you’ve paid up, you’ll be able to download the plans immediately and get straight to work.


What do you get for your money?

DIY Furniture The Easy Way


  • Over 9000 plans suitable for beginners right through to more experienced woodworkers
  • An enormous wealth of choice from classic designs to modern furniture so there’s truly something for everyone
  • As well as concise instructions, you’ll get blueprints and schematics in full color so you can see exactly where you’re going every step of the way
  • Database is super-simple to search meaning no scrabbling around for the plans you need
  • Comprehensive materials list so make sure you’re fully prepared before you get started and you won’t need to run to the hardware store halfway through either
  • Tools list also provided which is great news for beginners unsure of what equipment they’ll need
  • Interwoven tips and advice to help you get the very most out of each project
  • Lifetime updates free of charge so continue to add to your stash of plans and never run out of ideas
  • Physical DVD copy available in member’s area

Bonus: Woodworking Made Easy Guide

At the time of writing, FurnitureCraftPlans comes with a nifty bonus in the form of a 200 page e-books, the Woodworking Made Easy Guide.

The sales letter claims that this bonus will soon disappear but we’d take that with a large pinch of salt. If you need a little more time to think before you purchase these furniture plans, don’t be pressured into buying now for the sake of a bonus that’s almost certain to be in place for the foreseeable future.

This e-book is ideal for woodworkers of all levels. Whether it’s basic guidance on using power tools or more advanced techniques like dovetail joints or using a lathe, there’s plenty of actionable advice in this excellent little 200-page guide.

If you’ve struggled in the past to determine which type of wood you should be using, this book will help you out there, too.


We all want to try before we buy whether it’s checking that a pair of pants fit in a store or reading a few chapters of a book we’re planning to buy for our Kindle.

Luckily, you can check out some sample furniture plans right here before deciding whether or not to proceed to checkout. Rather than us listing them all for you, you can see for yourself the vast scope of plans on offer with everything from arbors and beehives through to trellises and windmills alongside scores of other options in between.


You can check out some reviews from satisfied customers right here.

The photos and full names lend a bit of weight to these testimonials and the fact there are just half a dozen rather than hundreds is for us a good thing. The more someone layers on the social proof, the less likely we are to believe it!

Also, if you are still slightly wary of buying a digital product and you can’t quite make up your mind, there’s one last thing to mention before we deliver out verdict…

Money Back Guarantee

Most digital products these days come with money-back guarantees and FurnitureCraftPlans is no exception.

If at any stage during the first 60 days you decide you are not happy with your purchase, you can email Mark for a no-quibble refund.

He makes just one simple and understandable caveat…

You must have at least attempted one of the projects and given it your best attempt. If you’ve done that and you’re still not happy, simply claim your cash back at any stage during the first 2 months after purchase.

You really can’t ask for much more than that.


Buying furniture plans is a minefield. If you’re tired of hunting down single plans for each project you undertake and you want a solid collection of tried and tested blueprints without needing to keep paying out on a monthly basis, we’d strongly recommend checking out FurnitureCraftPlans today.

If you’re not happy, you can always get your money back so what have you got to lose?

DIY Furniture The Easy Way

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