DIY Smart Saw

Entrepreneurship has been on the rise throughout the last decade. However, for many it is still synonymous as finding the next technological frontier, establishing a biotech start up or setting up a manufacturing plant, a mindset which is leading us to delay the idea forever, or at least until we win the big prize on the next Powerball.

However, at least for the woodworking enthusiasts it does not have to be that way!

A smart engineer with the name Alex Grayson has done the heavy lifting for us the woodworkers so that we camn build out very own CNC machine at a tiny fraction of the insane cost prevalent in the market and craft pretty much anything we can imagine out of wood. Watch his extremely interesting story and the pieces he has manufactured here.

DIY Smart Saw

He builds anything from knife boxes to kitchen cabinets, from decorative mailboxes to tree houses. Practically sky is the limit. You can build whatever you want without coughing up a fortune for them.

DIY Smart Saw-3

Interesting part is that the designs can be so interesting and at such a low cost and such high speed that they practically open the door for marketing and selling them.

All for just a $39 training program to build your own CNC machine and get started! It is worth the spend, I would say!

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