Detailed DIY Shed Plans and Woodworking Masterclass

If you’re looking to build a shed yourself rather than buying something pre-fabricated, you are in for a treat.

Ryan Henderson offers you a great package with RyanShedPlans if you are unsure what to do when it comes to shed plans.

If you’re interested in building your own shed or outhouse, it’s worth spending twenty minutes to watch his video sales letter. Henderson outlines why he’s the man for the job when it comes to plans.

The key selling point of the 12,000 plans he offers – aside from the sheer number – is authority…

He rightfully states that people with no experience of woodworking carry out most technical writing, including plans. As a veteran in the industry with deep knowledge, Henderson produces plans that are almost idiot-proof.

With views from all angles, you can see exactly what needs doing next. Steps are logical and explained in detail. If you have little experience putting together a shed, these plans make it super-simple.

The materials and cutting list is thorough with an explanation so there’s no second-guessing. The measurements are precise so there’s no wastage. There are no hidden surprises that might send you hurtling back to the hardware store. Go and get what you need once and be done.

The written instructions on the plans are crisp with just enough detail but not so much as to confuse things. These plans are good for all levels of experience.

With 12,000 shed plans, you have so much choice it verges on overkill. Don’t be put off, though. With such a wealth of options, there really is a plan to suit whatever you have in mind. Or, if you don’t have anything fixed, you can get plenty of inspiration right here.

You’ll get a comprehensive range of unexpected extras.

RyanShedPlans bundles in an Advanced Woodworking Tips book ($129) in which Henderson shares some high-level woodworking tips to keep you on your toes.

If you want to change the dimensions of a shed, there’s his Magic Modifications worksheet thrown in ($79).

For anyone in the US, there’s a Directory of Suppliers ($39.95) and he rounds out with 400 Woodworking Plans ($97).

There are plenty of testimonials available from satisfied customers and a

60-Day Money Back Guarantee offers you no-questions-asked security.

All of this is priced at just $37 so if you’re planning to save money by buying your own shed, don’t waste it by getting inaccurate or awkward plans.

We’ve got our set already and we’re very happy indeed.

Check out RyanShedPlans here

Ryan shed plans

6 thoughts on “Detailed DIY Shed Plans and Woodworking Masterclass

  1. 12,000 plans? Wow, that’s amazing!! From what I’ve read on the official page they seem to be pretty detailed. Will definitely take a look at some reviews on the package.

  2. Hi! Does this package include tips on how to maintain your shed in good shape after you’ve built it? I’d really like it to last longer…

  3. I’m a beginner and I’m not really familiar with the tools that I need for making a shed. Could you give me more info about that?


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