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Whatever your level of expertise when it comes to woodworking, it’s only natural that you’ll want to start getting more adventurous…

The market is completely saturated with woodworking plans and we’ve reviewed some of the best plans to ensure you have plenty of options when you want to follow a set blueprint and make something standard.

How about when you start to get a bit more creative and you want to work on an idea that springs to mind?

That’s where EZ Wood Project Designer comes in…

You’ve all heard the expression, “Fail to plan and plan to fail.” Seldom is that more true than with woodworking. If you try to go off-piste and just steam in without proper forethought and planning, the chance of a polished finished product is slim.


How can EZ Wood Project Designer help out?

What Is EZ Wood Project Designer?

If you want to design a bespoke wood project and you’re not particularly tech-literate, EZ Wood Project Designer is the perfect solution.

Trying to modify boilerplate plans for unique jobs is an exercise in frustration and rarely yields satisfactory results.

With EZ Wood Project Designer, all you need is your imagination, a pencil and some paper along with this superb $30 package and you can turn your dreams into reality.

EZ Wood Project designer

What Do You Get For Your $30?

The set of guide books, templates and diagrams help you every step of the way without any need for intricate computer software or advanced woodworking knowledge.

You’ll get a treasure trove of useful material in this reasonably priced package:

  • EZ Project Planner
  • EZ Pilot Hole Guides
  • 3 Project Plans: Your First Project
  • Build Anything With Just 3 Tools and 3 Boards in 3 Easy Steps

EZ Project Planner

Start your project the right way with a crisp, comprehensive plan in place…

  • You can use the innovative magic drawing cubes to render a 3D image without needing a degree in Art or any special expertise. The system is so easy a child could use it. All you need to do is follow the lines of the template and you’re good to go. Different sized cubes work best for different projects from shelves to garden furniture
  • Scaled cutting guides make light work of determining how many boards you’ll need for your chosen project. Guides are included to cover all common board sizes and you’ll eliminate wastage by following these guidelines
  • The accurate scale ruler along with graph paper makes sure precision is uppermost when you’re planning. The 1:12 scale means 1 inch translates to 1 foot for your convenience
  • With the timeline planner, you can make sure everything falls in line with your intended schedule without endless scraps of paper you’ll end up losing. A materials checklist ensures you remain organized with everything you need in place before you get started and to keep your budget on track

EZ Pilot Hole Guides

How about if you don’t have much by the way of equipment?

If your workshop is lacking a jointer, router or planer, don’t panic. You’ll still be able to create perfectly serviceable joints with some screws and glue.

The issue is that you’ll need to make some pilot holes for the screw to move along and the EZ Pilot Hole Guides is the ideal solution.

This super-simple method gives you templates to ensure you can make pilot holes for all the lumber commonly sold.

3 Project Plans: Your First Project

The first bonus tossed in are 3 project plans to help you undertake your debut project without any headache or stress.

These are not just generic plans but fully customizable so whether you want to make a workbench, a cutting station or a bookcase, do so according to your own specifications not those set in stone by the designer.

Do things your way but in a guided fashion for outstanding results with these 3 great and easily executable woodworking projects.

Build Anything With Just 3 Tools and 3 Boards in 3 Easy Steps

The other bonus is tailor-made for beginners…

You’ll get a short but sweet e-book covering the following topics:

  1. Find out how to make just about anything with a circular saw, a drill and a jigsaw. Handy hints about what tools can do along with their limitations are invaluable. You’ll also learn about common woodworking mistakes and how to avoid them
  2. A step-by-step guide to buying boards covering everything from selection to transportation
  3. How to joint the easy way
  4. Building a basic box
  5. Overcoming issues with screws and fasteners
  6. Applying a finish to pine to get professional results with paint, stain or clear finish

How Much Does EZ Wood Project Designer Cost?

The separate components of this package normally retail at $14.95.

The original asking price of EZ Wood Project Designer was $60.


If you act quickly, there’s currently a 50% discount which is why we’ve alerted you to the offer with today’s article.

A one-off payment of $30 gets you all the above information in easily downloadable PDF files for your convenience.

Go here to buy EZ Wood Project Designer.

Money Back Guarantee

Although it’s not prominently displayed on the sales page, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

If you check out this video, the guarantee is offered at just after 10 minutes so, if you’re impatient and want to check for yourself, fast-forward and see that you take no risk buying this product and you have absolutely everything to gain.


If you’re a novice woodworker and you fancy creating your own unique projects but want some guidance and all the necessary tools to put together clear plans, EZ Wood Project Designer is a must.

At just $30, it offers outstanding value for money and the sheer volume of information means you’ll ramp up your skills while also producing original work you can be truly proud of.

We usually don’t strongly recommend products and simply outline the facts so you can make your mind up. With EZ Wood Project Designer, though, we have to make an exception and we wholeheartedly endorse it. It’s really that good!

EZ Wood Project designer

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