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With most tools, the top speed is rated in RPM. With a jigsaw, it’s quoted instead in SPM (strokes per minute). The majority of regular commercial jigsaw max out at 3000SPM. This should allow you to cope with most standard projects. Look out for variable speed settings. If you are engaged in basic and mundane DIY projects, this is not so crucial. For the precision and flexibility demanded in a commercial setting, go for something with multiple speed settings.

A regulation jigsaw moves up and down. With orbital settings, you can also exercise control forwards, backwards and sideways. This allows for more speed and accuracy. In general, the more orbital settings your jigsaw has, the better the user experience.

Yes. You just need to loosen a screw and you can angle off at 45 degrees in either direction. With some models you’ll need an Allen key, others have an inbuilt lever. As with all aspects of buying a jigsaw, think about how you will use it and buy accordingly.

It’s a given that most saws acquit themselves well with straight cuts. When it comes to making curved cuts, success or failure lies with the orbital settings. A saw with adequate orbital settings will deliver fully cutting curves.

It couldn’t be much easier. The best jigsaws usually make your life simple here with a quick-release system to swap blades. You won’t any tools. In the worst scenario, you’ll only need an Allen key.

Very much so. Woodworking kicks up plenty of dust. You need to work in a clean, irritant-free environment. A blower will do what the name suggests. A superior approach is a dust collector to trap any debris safely inside. These are generally sold separately.

It depends entirely on the type of jigsaw. Most are more than powerful enough for simple home woodworking. Corded jigsaws are normally more capable than cordless. For heavier needs, look for a model with a really able motor. Power is not the only factor, though. Think about overall speed, orbital settings and bevel settings. Again, think about what elements are most crucial for your woodworking.

Yes. From wood right through to ceramic, we have outlined above just which materials you can cut through with the best jigsaw.

Yes. While it can come in very handy for a professional, most home woodworkers or DIY fans also find a jigsaw invaluable. Portability, flexibility and a broad spread of cutting applications make this a power tool well worth buying.

Maintaining a clear line of sight on the cutting line can be awkward. Some models have LED lights to make this simpler. If the jigsaw you like has no such functionality, perhaps think about getting a dust collector.

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