FAQ: Best Miter Saw Stand

You can, yes. As we outlined earlier, you can go for a primitive set-up using 2 sawhorses with a plank slung across. If you are more ambitious, try following our guide to making a miter saw stand. Overall, though, you are much better off buying a stand. You will enjoy much more stability when working and you’ll make more precise cuts.

Rollers come to the fore when you need to move large pieces. On the whole, this is unlikely to be necessary in the average home workshop!

A universal table maximizes your options. It’s compatible with most miter saws and other power tools. If you are unable to find a specific stand for your saw, a universal table is well worth considering.


Only you know how you are doing financially. You should certainly not overspend and compromise yourself to get a stand. You should, however, spend the most you can comfortably afford. It pays to understand that you’re not going to be renewing your miter saw stand on an annual basis. This represents a fairly small one-off investment that will reap dividends for years to come.

With most products, buying from a reputable manufacturer maximizes your chances of getting something which is built to last. Miter saw stands are no different. You might pay slightly more for brand heritage but you are unlikely to find yourself needing to replace your stand any time soon. Pay attention to the old saying, “Buy cheap, buy twice.”

Well, buying a full-bore pro stand wouldn’t be a problem but you would be unlikely to take advantage of all the features for some time. If you’re just starting out, why not save some cash and go for a more basic stand? It will be more than good enough as you learn your craft.

Yes, you can. Get a piece of ¾ foot plywood and make sure it’s 4 or 5 inches deeper than the planer you want to support. Bolt down the plywood to the stand then bolt your planer to the base. Ensure the rollers of the stand sit parallel to the rollers and cutter head on your planer.

This stand has multiple parts. There are 2 metal supports like a saw horse with a plank across the middle. These stands are both lightweight and portable as well as extremely strong.

Yes, you can with some stands. If you intend to work with pieces large enough to make an extension necessary, check for a model that allows this and features extension lock levers.

The wheels lock in place when you are using your miter saw and stand. Simply unlock them when you want to move your equipment.

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