FAQ: best panel saw

Nothing, it’s a different name for the same equipment. Panel saws are named for the way you can position them up against the wall.

With mobile saws, you’ll get a fixed saw beam and you need to push the panel through the machine. Non-portable models have a static panel and the saw head travels vertically and horizontally with the saw beam.

This is when you cut a wood across its grain.

A rip cuts through the wood parallel to the grain.

In any kind of small shop where you need to cut larger sheets down to size. Sign shops and point-of-sale manufacturers also make use of panel saws but this is not  a tool for a casual home hobbyist.

You’ll reduce the working area needed while also finding the sheets easier to handle for a win-win.

This means you won’t need to mess around with alignment and will make your life much easier as well as allowing you to get going after unboxing.

This is found on many panel saws and lets you move quickly and without ceremony from horizontal to vertical cuts.

Horizontal saws win out in terms of precision but the cost is taking up far more floor space.

A sensible rule of thumbs is that if you cut down over 50 sheets a week, it would pay to seriously consider a panel saw.

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