Hitachi C10FCE2 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review


The Hitachi C10FCE2 is one of the best compound miter saw out there. It is the best tool for people who are looking for precision, reliability or even variety on their job. The 15 amp motor generates enough power to make cutting easy even on the toughest cutting jobs.

Product Specifications

The Hitachi C10FCE2 has been designed to near perfection. It has a 0-52 degree miter angle range, to the right and left that provides greater flexibility to the users.  It has a large extended flip fence that allows you to raise it to 4 inch high for cutting crown molding vertically.

For precision cutting, a 0-45 degree bevel range has been added to the left that can be adjusted. For better grip, comfort and control, it contains a vibration reducing Elastometer grip. It also has a carbon brush access thereby allowing the user to replace the brush as needed so that the life of the tool is further prolonged.

The Hitachi C10FCE2 contains a 15 amp motor generator that can make 5000 RPM. It is powered by corded electricity and require 120 volts.


One of the commendable part regarding the Hitachi C10FCE2 is the number of features it comes out with. For instance, it has a “Positive Miter Stops”. This is basically a feature of the C10FCE2 that allows you to input preset points at specific angles for better results.

It also has 45 Degree Bevel. Using this feature, you can now adjust the bevel and go as high as 45 degrees to get a more precise cutting.

The Hitachi C10FCE2 comes out with a dust bag attached to the body. This is indeed a very helpful feature of the product as the dust collector keeps saw’s interior components dust free. Meaning, you no longer have to worry about the saw dust falling here and there or even getting inside the machine itself.

However, despite all these features the most important feature of the Hitachi C10FCE2 is the Elastometer Grip. This is a specially designed grip with a horizontal handle. It is a vibration reducing elastometer which means it will reduce the vibration caused due to all the cutting and chopping. Thereby allowing you greater control over the tool.

Best Seller In Amazon

One of the reasons as to why this is a best seller in Amazon is because of the entire package and the pricing of the product. At an reasonable price you are getting more than just a wood cutting saw. You are essentially getting a package at this price. This is a perfect kit for starters or people who are less familiar with such tools. They have safety manuals and other guides inside it so that helps out people using such items for the first time.

Who needs it the most?

The Hitachi C10FCE2 is very useful if you want smooth accurate miters. It cuts a variety of workpieces like wood, plywood, decorative panels, and soft fiberboard among other things. So it can be said that this product is mostly desired by carpenters, framers or even wood workers who tend to focus more on precision rather than anything else. As mentioned above, it can also be a great tool for new users as it is quite a safe and easy device to use.

Pros and Cons

Just like any other product in this world, the Hitachi C10FCE2 has its own merits and demerits. The pros for this particular tool are the following;

  • The C10FCE2 is a reasonably well built too and is quite sturdy
  • It has a powerful motor that can handle most framing materials
  • Light and portable
  • It has a 5 year warranty

The cons of the C10FCE2 are listed below

  • The laser is not very accurate as it needs constant aligning.
  • Blade changing is difficult and can be time consuming
  • Dust evacuation isn’t very efficient

To conclude, despite its very few flaws, the C10FCE2 is a very good product and is very useful indeed. On a personal opinion, I would suggest it to people for their construction or home work.

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