How to Make the Most Effective Miter Saw Fence

The miter saw fence is normally attached to the folding side of the stand or the table. Without a fence, you won’t be able to make as effective of cuts on long pieces of wood. Adding a fence to your miter saw table gives you the ability to make better cuts on a range of wood sizes. Here are steps to take in order to create the fence.

miter saw fence

  • Purchase the Hardware

You need to get the hardware that you will require for the creation of the fences. Three five-star knobs and washer are used to keep the fence in place. The knobs are fastened into the hanger bolts encircling the small springs with screws. This list does not include the wood needed for the fence, as this depends on the size of the fence you want to make.

Here’s what you need:

  1. 3 Five-Star knobs
  2. 3 tiny springs
  3. 3 hanger bolts and washers

You can purchase these at woodcraft shops or department stores. When you have gotten all the materials ready, you can proceed to the next stage.

  • Make a slot

You need to create a slot for the hanger bolts of your miter saw. To create the slot, you have to cut out any unwanted materials from the router table. You may need to cut a half inch or 3/8 spiral straight bit. Now use a half-inch drill bit to create starter holes.

The spring which encircles the hanger bolts will be able to clear through this size of holes. After making the start holes, you can use a table saw and a chisel to remove most of the material rather than cutting out the remaining unwanted material. With the router table, you will find the task of cleaning up the slots and making clean cuts easier.

  • Finishing touches

At this stage, the fence is almost complete. Two things are left: the stop system and kreg precision. If you like, you can include these features or leave them as they are not necessary for the fence. If you want to include them, then you have to purchase them and add them. When you are done with the inclusion of these features, make out time to place the miter saw at a height suitable to you.

Note that there are different ways through which you can make a miter saw fence. This is only one way of making a miter saw fence. The method used will determine the design of the fence.

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  1. Can u please send a drawing how to build a fence on each side of my mitre saw 716 model on to my heavy duty dewalt stand please

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