How to Properly Sharpen a Miter Saw Blade

If your miter saw does not have a properly maintained blade, you will not be able to make the perfect cut you’re looking for. The more you use your miter saw, the more the blade becomes hard and blunt. You need to sharpen it so that the edges, which have most likely become rounded, will be able to cut wood quickly and easily. Sharpening a blade does not take much time. You only need 15 minutes to complete the sharpening and get back to work. 

Sharpen miter saw blade

A custom-designed blade sharpening stand.

Tools Needed

To start the process, you’re going to need some tools to sharpen your miter saw blade. The three most important tools that you’ll need are a small diamond file, one crayon, and a workbench with mounted clamps. If have all the tools, here are the tips to help you get started: 

  • Getting the blade out: The first thing you should do is to get the blade out of the saw, as it cannot be sharpened while it is still attached. When you have removed the blade, put it on the clamps on your workbench. 
  • Marking the teeth of the blade: Before you start sharpening, mark one of the the teeth of the blade with the crayon to know your starting position or else you may sharpen the same teeth twice. 
  • Filing the blade: Now that you have completed the preparatory stages, the next thing to do is to file the teeth of the blade one after the other. Get your diamond file and place it at the bottom front edge of the blade’s first tooth and move the file forward and upward smoothly along the edge. The file’s face should be on the flat part of the metal’s thickness. Following a similar pattern, run the file smoothly over the tooth’s top flat part. You should not touch the point when you are doing that.
  • Repeat step 3. Repeat the filing process on all teeth until you get to your originally marked tooth. As you’re sharpening the teeth, you should avoid touching the points or corners of the teeth. When you are done with one side, turn to the other half of the blade by re-positioning the blade on the clamps and then sharpen it as you did with the first side. When you get to the tooth with the mark, you have completed sharpening the entire blade. 



Filing a miter saw blade. 

At this point, you are done with the sharpening of your miter saw’s blade. You can start cutting with it again and expect to see better results than before you did with the blunt blade. When the teeth become blunt again, you should sharpen them again following the method given above. There may be other methods for sharpening of miter saw blades, but the above is easy to follow, doesn’t take much equipment, and is very effective.

6 thoughts on “How to Properly Sharpen a Miter Saw Blade

  1. I love sharpening my blades knowing that they’ll help me make nice tables and chairs once they’re sharp again. For me this is like taking some time to meditate around my workbench and clamps.

  2. I tend to be very cautious with things and I am new at woodworking. I’ll be grateful if you could tell me if the clamps can damage my blade and, if so, how can I lower the risk of blade damage. Obviously, I don’t have a bench with clamps, but I did buy a miter saw.

  3. Will I be able to sharpen the blade? This is my first miter saw and my first saw as well – don’t ask me why I have a miter saw for a first saw, I just thought it was very useful for many things since it is a sliding compound miter saw – and I’m scared that I’ll damage the teeth of the blade or make them go slightly to the right or to the left.


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