How to Work Safely with a Miter Saw


A miter saw is a wood working tool used to achieve different types of cutting such as angled, square and beveled cross cuts which ordinary saw cannot give. The tool comes in a number of types and sizes. It cuts with sharp blades which makes it imperative on the part of the users to apply caution when cutting with the tool. A user can injure themselves while cutting with the tool if they do not apply proper care.

Below are some safety precautions you should apply when using the item.

  • Wear Appropriate Safety Gear
    It is essential that you put on the right safety gear when you are working with a miter saw. You should protect your eyes by wearing safety goggles. During cutting, dust particles fly indiscriminately and they can enter the eye if it is uncovered.

    Wearing thick gloves will reduce injury should your finger mistakenly touch the blade. Gloves are also useful for guarding against hand fatigue. 

    It is recommended that you remove all jewelry from your hands and neck before operating a miter saw, as these can cause injury if they are caught by the saw blade or other moving parts. 
  • Disconnect from the Power before Inspection 
    Before you start to check anything on your miter saw, it is advisable that you disconnect the tool from the power source whether it is battery powered or corded electric. There is a tendency for some people to leave the tool connected to the power source, thinking that it will not have any effect since the tool is not on. The electric current is flowing and it can shock you even when the tool is not yet on.
  • Never Disable Your Blade Guard 
    For safety reasons, the makers of miter saw include a blade guard in their products. As the name already tells you, this part of a miter saw guards the blade and makes usage safer. Make sure that the blade guard is in place and is still functioning. Before you start cutting, check the blade guard to ensure that it is working as it should and that it does not bind when you want to lower or raise the saw.

    The only time the guard should be removed is when you are changing the saw blades. At this point, be sure the saw is not connected to the power source before removing the guard. Then, carefully remove the guard and switch the blade as to you manufacturer's instructions. 
  • Work with a Sharp and Properly Fastened Blade
    Usage can make the blade of your miter saw become blunt, but you should make sure that it is always sharp when you want to cut with it no matter what you are cutting. Also ensure it fits properly and securely to the arbor of the saw. It is very risky to work with miter saw when the blade is not securely and properly fitted to the arbor of the tool or when it is blunt.
  • Do Not Work in a Hurry
    Being fast and working in a hurry are not the same. It is dangerous to work in a hurry with a power tool as you can make mistakes and expose yourself to danger. Always work with diligence and patience. 
  • Work When You Are in Control of Yourself
    Miter saws are cutting tools that can cut even the hardest wood, depending on the capacity. Any mistake can be costly if you injure yourself or miss the cutting line. To avoid any such error, it is important that you work with the tool when you are in full control of yourself and senses. Working under any condition that will make you lose your concentration should be avoided. You should not use the tool when you are tired, sick, intoxicated, distracted or emotionally unbalanced. 
You are in control

Follow these tips and any other safety tips your common sense can provide for your particular environment and you should find a lot more success and less injury when using your miter saw! 

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