Makita LXSL01 18V Cordless 7-1/2 Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw Kit Review

Best sliding compound miter saw Review


If you are into construction of any type that requires cutting using various kinds of cutting tools such as miter saws of different types, you should have heard the name Makita. It is a popular, reliable and reputable brand thanks to the quality of product it produces and distributes. One of its unique products is Makita LXSL01. This model of saw is powered by LXT Lithium-Ion battery. I recommend this model of Makita for all those that want a cutting tool that will offer them ease of use as well as perfect cut. Owing to its outstanding performance, durability and the ease of use it offers. It is rating is clear indication that previous consumers are happy with the product. Having cut with this dual slide compound miter saw, I can tell you that it’s worth the price for which it is sold in Amazon. You will save time, energy and also fasten your work if you purchase this product.

Makita LXSL01 is strongly made to offer you job satisfaction and perfect cut. After using this cutting tool, I was happy with myself for having bought because it comes with features that really helped me to obtain perfect cuts. Its 18V LXT Lithium-ion battery is capable of spinning the motor to produce a horsepower of 2,200 rmp. It can be easy cutting with this tool because of its lightweight of 27.5 lb. One of the things enjoy anything I cut with my Makita LXSL01 is the jobsite flexibility it offers me. Here are the features available in this brand of Makita dual slide compound miter saw.

  • product dimension of 26.5×20.5×14.5 inches
  • weight of 42.9 pounds
  • a three year warranty and a year warranty on battery and charger
  • a sliding system comprising 4 steel rails and this makes for enhanced rigidity required to produce excellent cuts
  • amazing lumber capacity of 2×8 at 45 degrees and 2×12 at 90 degree
  • bevels 0-5 right and 0-45 left and miters 0-57 right and 0-47 left
  • direct drive gearbox which helps to reduce maintenance needs and offers increased efficiency


Makita LXSL01 will offer you some benefits if you are working with it. Here are some of the benefits you will obtain from this model Makita dual sliding miter saw.

  • Job site portability:  this cutting tool is not weighty. Thus, it offers amazing job site flexibility or portability. Besides, it is a cordless dual sliding compound saw. This means that you can move about with it in your workshop or jobsite without encountering any obstruction from any cord.
  • Suitable for all jobsites: whether you have electricity or not, you will still be able to use this tool for cutting in your jobsite because it is powered with battery.
  • Makes less noise: the motor spins at a very high speed without producing much noise. Thus, it does not constitute any noise pollution.
  • It offers perfect cut: you will obtain accurate cuts thanks to rigidity of the sliding system made possible by the four steel rails it has
  • The package comes with all you need to cut: the kit includes everything you require in order to obtain a perfect cut such as a vertical clamp to hold the work, extension bars and two batteries. So, you will not be making any adjustment.


The saw it is somewhat expensive even though it offers great convenience.


You will not be disappointed if you buy this model of Makita dual sliding compound miter saw realistic expectation. Though it is expensive, it offers perfect cuts, great convenience and functionality. You will gain value for your money if you can spend on it.

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  1. Makita’s cordless miter saw runs off the same Li-ion batteries that have made our 18v LXT platform so popular. Jobsite portability is the key to this great little saw with excellent cutting capacity. Perfect for finish work and most cutting applications providing tremendous torque in a small package.


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