Makita Magnesium 7 ¼-Inch Circular Saw (5007MG) Review

Makita Magnesium 7 ¼-Inch Circular Saw (5007MG) Review

A circular saw is a highly adaptable and almost indispensable part of any serious woodworker’s artillery.

Whatever type of cut you want to make, from bevels and rips through to cross-cuts and plunge cuts, the best circular saw rides in to save the day.

In today’s Makita 5007MMG magnesium circular saw review, we’ll give you the lowdown on this hard-hitting take on the 7 ¼-inch saw that’s the industry-standard size for its combination of performance and maneuverability.

We’ll briefly summarize the chief features before probing this stellar circular saw in a little more depth…

Main Features:

  • 15-amp motor
  • 5800 RPM
  • 5/8 inch arbor
  • LED lights
  • 2 ½ inch depth of cut (90 degrees)
  • Bevels 0 to 56 degrees
  • 2 positive stops
  • Rip fence
  • Integrated dust blower
  • 7 ¼-inch Circular saw
  • 200+ Reviews
  • by Makita

I’ve been a Milwaukee user for years and the only Makita product I own is their portable planer. I bought this saw on a recommendation and I’ve been very impressed with the balance, ergonomics and cutting ease. This is a quality circular saw that has good sight lines and plenty of power yet isn’t bulky or heavy. Very happy with this purchase.

By Amazon Customer

Makita has a superbly solid reputation for producing power tools that pack a real punch without bankrupting you in the process. With today’s highly flexible magnesium circular saw review, you can see how this multi-tasking workhorse would make a fine addition to your home workshop or contracting toolbox.

Disconcertingly often, ergonomics and comfort are sorely neglected with the design of power tools. After all, it’s senseless having a saw that punches like Tyson if it’s a painful grind to use. Makita gets the balance just right with this stunning 7 ¼-inch circ…

The 15-amp motor generates all the grunt required for even heavy cutting. It tops out at 5800 RPM making it ideal even if the application gets challenging or the materials hard and demanding. Thanks to the magnesium construction, you get a saw weighing in at just a fraction over 10 pounds despite kicking like a mule. If anything, it feels almost too light but that would be a pretty cheap complaint really!

While there’s an AC/DC switch technically widening your options, the cord is cut out for 110/120 volts only. At 8 feet long, you should have adequate room for maneuver even though you’ll be tethered to a power outlet.

The stock blade provided makes a refreshing change from the deficient rubbish often passed off with circular saws. The 7 ¼-inch framing blade is carbide-tipped with innovative M-shaped teeth and a pair of 10 degree bevel faces so you’ll get clean and smooth cuts even if you’re working with material studded with nails or screws.

Cutting capacity is nothing to moan about either. At 90 degrees, you’ll be able to cut down 2 ½ inches so whether you’re roofing or framing, this should be more than fit for purpose. You’ll be braced to bevel out to 56 degrees. There are a couple of positive stops at the most commonly used angles streamlining your workflow a treat. The settings are clear and very easy to read.

Precision is as crucial as power with the best circular saw and Makita has your back here. The twin LED lights are tailor-made to pick out your cutting line so you can slice away accurately even if you’re working in a dim environment. There’s also a built-in dust blower so that precious line of cut is kept free of sawdust, chips and other menacing debris.

The Makita is also designed with efficiency uppermost. The nifty electric brake allows you to segue from one cut to the next without the tiresome pause needed to wait for the blade to stop spinning. You’ll be able to swap that blade out in no time using the onboard wrench. The oversized lever also lets you make swift and simple adjustments using a single hand, invaluable on a busy job site.

Alongside this impeccable performance, the Makita is a real pleasure to use into the bargain. With crisp bevel markings meaning you won’t need to stop and squint, and comfy grips allowing you to wield this lightweight saw without feeling fatigued or blistering your hands, Makita has taken everything a woodworker wants from the best circular saw and rolled it out in the form of the magnificent magnesium 5007MMG.

If you’re still in any doubt whatsoever about the shower of benefits you’ll get with this circular saw, you’ll have a full 30 days after purchase to return it if you’re not entirely satisfied. Not many manufacturers put their money where their mouth is like this. Beyond that, there’s a 1-year limited warranty in place so all your reasons not to buy are as neatly demolished by Makita as will be the timber you cut down to size with it.

Have a glance now at the leading advantages along with a frank breakdown of the drawbacks so you can see whether this fantastic circular saw gets your vote…

It certainly gets ours!


  • Crafted from magnesium for a winning combination of remarkable durability in a lightweight body
  • Industrial-grade 15-amp motor maxes out at 5800 RPM generating all the power you need at home or out on site
  • 7 ¼-inch framing blade thrown in packing carbide tips and M-shaped teeth so slice through even challenging materials with consummate ease
  • The pair of LED lights clearly demarcate your cutting line while the inbuilt dust blower keeps that line debris-free so you’re guaranteed absolute precision not just raw power
  • Impressive cutting capacity of 2 ½-inches at 90 degrees so perfect for framing, flooring, roofing or masonry
  • Bevels to 56 degrees with positive stops at 22 ½ degrees and 45 degrees allowing for minimum interruption when making adjustments
  • Swapping the blade is straightforward using just the attached wrench so no need to fumble for your toolkit
  • Electric brake enables you to move seamlessly from cut to cut without needing to wait for the blade to stop rotating
  • Lightest circular saw in its class at just over 10 pounds so use for prolonged periods with no risk of fatigue and no sacrifice in performance for weight’s sake


  • A number of complaints about the blade guard so think about your intended usage and consider giving this saw a road test before committing to purchase
  • Check the blade alignment out of the box as it might need some fine-tuning
  • You’ll be constricted by the power cord but this is lengthy enough not to be too limiting
  • Reasonably expensive compared to some of its close competition


While a few users have started to whine about Makita outsourcing their production to China, we really can’t knock this company or the quality of their power tools.

Although the 5007MMG is marketed as a full-bore contracting saw, we’d urge you not to think of this as something to be run day in and day out under truly hardcore conditions. It’s capable of a broad scope of work, though, and whether you’re a carpenter or a roofer, a home DIY enthusiast or a mason, you can certainly put the Makita through a degree of punishment as long as you keep your expectations reasonable.

User reviews usually give a reasonably accurate idea of where a product stands and falls. Aside from a few gripes about the configuration of the blade guard, it’s tough to find much negative feedback for this excellent and cost-effective circular saw.

Check out the Makita magnesium 7 ¼-incher and prepare to be amazed at the sheer breadth of work you’ll be able to undertake. If you want power, accuracy and a circular saw that’s lightweight but built to go the distance, try the Makita 5007MMG today and start ripping panels and dense lumber with abandon tomorrow.

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