Powermatic 2415 5 HP 3-Phase Bandsaw (24-Inch) Review

Powermatic 2415 5 HP 3-Phase Bandsaw (24-Inch) Review

As should be immediately apparent from the sheer size of this colossal band saw and the eye-popping price tag, the Powermatic 24-incher is absolutely not for everyone.

If you’re a casual woodworker or you have a smaller shop, you’d be advised to check out some of the more mainstream band saws we reviewed recently. If, on the other hand, you want a colossus of a band saw capable of making light work of material 15 to 18 inches think, today’s Powermatic 2415 24-inch band saw review will be music to your ears.

Take a quick glance at a summary of the main features then we’ll outline where this beast truly excels…

Main Features:

I have used a wide range of bandsaws in my woodworking experience of 30 years and this is the nicest saw I have ever used. Table size is excellent. Resaw capabilty is outstanding. Rigid design keeps machine vibration down.

By Amazon Customer

There’s not much new technology with the traditional band saw so when you step up to the more expensive models, it’s all about the quality of components and the way they deliver stunning power combined with unerring accuracy. Everything is impeccably engineered on the Powermatic with its fan-cooled motor, cast iron table and drive wheels set off with stainless steel for first-class performance and incredible durability. All this comes in a 1000-pound unit that should last you a lifetime of woodworking given adequate maintenance.

The 3-phase motor develops 5 HP and the fact it’s fully enclosed means the dust stays out while the fan-cooled unit provides you with all the power you could conceivably need. Cutting capacity is a phenomenal 24 inches (width) with a resaw capacity of 15 inches.

The Powermatic has cast iron upper and lower drive wheels that are optimally balanced so you get consistent accuracy while being able to avail yourself of that fantastic resawing capacity. The solid steel resaw post shows the fabulous attention to detail you’d expect from Powermatic.

The fully adjustable oversized Accu-Fence lets you align the blade with consummate ease. This side plate works both vertically and horizontally. Set screws are included to further enhance flexibility.

The work table, fashioned from cast iron, is fittingly spacious at 24 x 34 inches. It allows you to support even extremely bulky material without worrying about stability. There’s a 3/8 x 3/4-inch miter slot and you can tilt the table in either direction (45 degrees to the right, 10 degrees to the left).

Blade adjustment is tool-free. The door of the cabinet exposes the blade without you needing to open it fully and replacing the blade is as easy as fine-tuning it. Powermatic really simplify things for you every step of the way with this mighty band saw.

There are some neat safety features in place, always crucial with potentially lethal band saws. The foot brake allows you to bring things to a grinding halt without needing to release your workpiece. The electrical inner lock means there’s no chance of the band saw firing up with the blade is released or de-tensioned.

Since a saw of this magnitude obviously kicks out a far degree of debris, the 4-inch dust port is essential and means you can easily connect your Powermatic to your dust collection system and keep your workshop ship-shape. There’s also a lower wheel brush in place to minimize any niggling sawdust build-up.

Everything from the rack-and-pinion trunnion to the vibration dampening, the magnetic switch through to the wheel housing has been carefully designed to stand up to the rigors of sustained industrial use. Whatever you throw its way, the Powermatic will keep coming back for more.

Aside from a price tag to make most of us wince and a reasonably miserly 1-year limited warranty, there’s not really anything much we can knock about this awesome 24-inch band saw.

We’ll highlight the leading advantages of the Powermatic before hitting you with our verdict…


  • Fan-cooled, 3-phase 5 HP motor is completely enclosed to extend lifespan while delivering remarkable cutting power
  • Both wheels are cast iron with rubber tires and dynamically balanced to provide all the momentum you need for heavy-duty resawing along with smooth, precise cuts every time
  • Cutting capacity of 24 inches (width) and 15 inches (height) allowing you to undertake really ambitious projects
  • Substantial Accu-Fence works horizontally and vertically with total flexibility for aligning the blade and squaring it to the table
  • Oversized cast iron table (24 x 34 inches) with a miter slot incorporated
  • Solid steel resaw post is a lovely touch
  • Foot brake lets you stop proceedings without taking your hands off your workpiece
  • 4-inch dust port so hook up to your dust collector keeping your working environment debris-free
  • Exceptional build quality and prevalence of cast iron keeps vibration to a bare minimum


  • 1-year limited warranty is relatively stingy given the price tag but Powermatic equipment has a rock-solid reputation so don’t expect too many problems with this band saw
  • Extremely expensive although you should really consider this band saw an investment


It goes unsaid that spending mid-five figures on a band saw is not something you’re likely to do an a whim. It’s equally obvious that the Powermatic 24-inch is not the sort of gear for a casual home woodworker.

If, though, you have a small shop or you’re a lifelong craftsman with a more fluid budget and a really sizeable home workshop, the Powermatic 24-inch band saw will be the most rewarding purchase you make this year.

We’re not here to sell you on this saw since equipment like this finds its own market among those in the know. We are here to tell you that if you have the money to spare and really hardcore cutting projects in mind, there’s little to rival the Powermatic 2415. It’s a classic for good reason.

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