Powermatic PM2000 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw Review

Powermatic PM2000 3 HP Cabinet Table Saw Review

As we outlined in our detailed table saw guide, the cabinet table saw is the hardest hitter of all.

In today’s Powermatic PM2000 table saw review, we’ll give the lowdown on a rugged 600-pound giant suitable for prolonged and heavy commercial use.

We’ll point out before we even get started that the Powermatic is not cheap but we’d argue that it represents stellar value if you have the workshop to accommodate it, and cutting projects that demand a table saw to match.

Check out the principal features at a glance then we’ll outline the manifold benefits of this titanic cabinet table saw…

Main Features:

I give this saw 5 stars because it’s an excellent machine, in almost every way. The problems I’ve had with it are 1) the extension table was difficult to fit, so that it will be flush with the cast iron table, then, since it’s made out of fiberboard (particleboard covered with something like Formica), the table now sags on those screws, up to 1/4” below where it started out.

By Amazon Customer

Make sure you’ve called in some reinforcements when the Powermatic PM2000 arrives since you’ll need several strong pairs of hands to offload this 600-pound monster. This classic table saw has been in production for over a decade now and remains a firm favorite of professional woodworkers with really beefy cutting requirements and a pretty flexible budget.

The preponderance of cast iron is responsible for the Powermatic’s hulking weight and it also means there’s as little vibration as you can expect from a table saw of this magnitude. The incredibly stable base and cabinet combine to offer you maximum stability married to exceptional durability.

With a single-phase 230-volt motor developing an impressive 3 HP, there’s ample power on tap, however, challenging the application or hardness of material. A brace of aluminum pulleys are driven by a poly-v belt. This set-up delivers all the oomph you need without the bearings taking too much punishment and overheating. The large 18-inch throat and steel 5/8-inch arbor complete a fantastic operating mechanism that’s built to stay the distance.

A couple more pointers regarding that supremely potent motor… If you experience any kind of interruption to the power supply in your shop, the magnetic switch safeguards the operator. You’ll need to depress the button before your saw restarts meaning you won’t be caught unawares. There’s also a magnetized disc over the On/Off switch that you can remove to prevent any unauthorized start-ups.

Powermatic’s proprietary 50-inch Accu-Fence fashioned from high-grade steel is a thing of beauty. HDPE faces are stable and retain a smooth surface. The precise locking mechanism is a pleasure to use and guaranteed to last. Adjustments are super-simple and everything slides perfectly on the provided guide.

The miter gauge allows for plenty of customization. You’ll get 3 positive stops and you can pivot 60 degrees in both directions stress-free.

Changing the blades is a cinch with the push-button arbor lock. There’s a large wrench included but be careful not to overtighten the blade nut. Removing the blade guard can be carried out in seconds tool-free. This blade guard system means you won’t run any risk from the riving knife playing up however demanding the application. The crucial anti-kickback pawls, guard plates and splitter are separate assemblies. With release buttons on their respective mounts, removal is a cakewalk.

If you buy a saw of this size, clearly you’ll be dealing with some large pieces of material. The huge tabletop can be extended further by flicking up the wings and giving yourself a full 42 inches of room to maneuver.

The size also becomes an issue with table saws like this if you need to move them around. Powermatic has you covered here with 4 casters packing non-marring tires. Just pull out the bevel wheel to extend the caster drive and retract it when you’ve shifted your saw. Since these casters retract fully, you won’t be presented with any menacing stability issues.

Take a glimpse at the pros and cons of the Powermatic PM2000 now before we round out with our verdict on this awesome cabinet table saw…


  • Rock-solid cast iron base is a class-leading, vibration-dampening foundation to a magnificent table saw
  • 3 HP single-phase motor generates enough power to slice through even the hardest woods with precious little resistance
  • Magnetic switch is a superb safety feature and a magnetic key puts paid to any accidental start-ups
  • 30 x 22 inch cast iron tabletop extends to 42 inches with wings erected so tailor-made to support the largest of workpieces with ease
  • Tool-free adjustment of blade guard and riving knife saving you time and effort in a commercial setting where that translates to more money in the bank
  • Get silky smooth and highly precise cuts every time thanks to oversized 50-inch Accu-Fence
  • Fully adjustable miter gauge with positive stops at 0, 30 and 45 degrees while also pivoting 60 degrees in either direction
  • Retractable, non-marring casters allow you to maneuver this colossal unit with no loss of stability once they’re drawn up
  • Impeccably machined 5/8-inch steel arbor for remarkable accuracy
  • Bulky, cast-iron hand wheels allow for simple tweaks to blade height and bevel and are locked in place with machined grooves not set screws


  • Some users report taking delivery of packages with missing parts so scrutinize everything carefully when your saw arrives
  • A few complaints about the arbor being a little on the short side
  • The price tag is obviously stiff but we’d suggest it’s still exceptional value offset against such build quality and performance


Powermatic has an unassailable reputation for producing rugged and highly durable power tools and woodworking equipment with a premium on performance. If you’re looking for cheap and cheerful, look elsewhere. If your focus is on quality and longevity, invest in this Powermatic table saw.

You only need to glance at the size and scope of this cabinet table saw for it to be absolutely clear it’s not a piece of kit for a Sunday woodworker with a small home shop. If, though, you have a commercial workshop and you’re prepared to invest in the best, the Powermatic PM2000 is quite simply one of the best cabinet table saws money can buy.

Check one out today and ramp up the productivity in your shop tomorrow without sacrificing precision. If you’re still in any element of doubt, the class-leading 5-year warranty might just tip you over the edge toward purchase.

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