Tips for using a miter saw


A miter saw is a very productive tool but as you can imagine by considering its nature it is very dangerous too. A slightest of mishandling of the equipment can result in some serious fatal injuries. Furthermore, it is sophisticated equipment which needs a lot of expertise to use it properly to get the desired job done. Any newbie using the equipment might not be very successful initially until he masters the art of using it. There are some techniques which makes the usage of the saw very easy. So if you want to use the this saw like a pro without getting into any sort of trouble you will have to follow the following important tips and you will never find yourself in any hassles.

Tips for using it

The following are some of the top tips which should be considered by every user using the this saw:

  • Push your fence back – The tool is very easy to be used on straight pieces of material but chopping the bent ones using the tool can be very taxing. Precise chopping of such materials from the end needs some slight adjustment to be made. For this purpose just push the extension of the fence out of the way. So this will help you to prevent the bend of the material from gripping the molding firmly. You can also easily use this technique against flat wooden boards too.
  • One blade can do the job – The majority of the tools available in the market are suitable for chopping2 x 4s. The tear out or the roughness of the object really doesn’t matter at all. In order to make the job easier when cutting plywood or hardwood, replace your original blade with the one that has a much denser teeth along with a negative rake. The negative rake in terms of the saw equipment means that its blade has teeth which are a bit leaned in the backward direction and they are not that sharp in cutting.
  • Backing up thin stock – Try to make a double sided miter box when you are chopping thin material into finer pieces. Mount a toggle clamp over the two sided box to firmly support the material. Make sure that you have also fastened the box base with the fence in order to keep it steady. The box is also ideal I the sense that it can act as a backstop so that the chopped pieces doesn’t fly up in the air.
  • Long piece supportive stand – You must look for a supportive stand as well along with the main tool which could easily chop long pieces of lumbar. Otherwise you will not be able to keep the material steady and firm which needs to be chopped precisely.
  • Precautions – As it is sophisticated equipment, so the price of the equipment is considerable. Never use a particular type on a different surface for which it is not meant to be used. This will deteriorate the sharpness and quality of the blades and it will not last for long.


A miter saw might look like a small and simple piece of equipment but using it expertly might test your skills thoroughly. There are a lot of technicalities that need to be learnt before you can say that you have mastered the art of using this saw. So follow the tips and tricks mentioned above in order to get the best cutting results without making blunders while working with the saw. And prove yourself a pro in using it and master the art of cutting through this saw.

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