Trend Airshield Pro Faceshield Dust Protector Review

Trend Airshield Pro Faceshield Dust Protector Review

What’s one of the most obvious problems faced by all woodworkers?

Dust. Showers of dust.

As well as obscuring your vision, fine particles can inflict discomfort and even cause long-term damage on your respiratory system.

You’ve got many ways at your disposal to attack this perpetual menace. We’ll assume you’ve considered a dust collector and later next week we’ll be looking into some filtration systems.

With today’s Trend Airshield Pro dust protector reviews, though, we’ve got a pioneering dust protection solution that might give you some food for thought…

A snapshot of the main features first then we’ll break down what this novel battery-operated face mask can do to mitigate your dust problem once and for all…

Main Features:

Works great, surprisingly comfortable, quiet and great visual clarity. The charger is a bit sketchy, connection at the charging port in the helmet has an intermittent connection, causing the LED indicator to show false charge/fully charged lights. We became aware of this right away and made sure to adjust the position on the charger cord to allow the connection to be maintained. After the first charge and use, I “adjusted” the contacts within the plug receiver to guarantee a good connection. Now all is well.

Performance is outstanding, keeps the “dust” form our grinding of foam from getting into my eyes and lungs. Visor is always clear and fog free.

Again, this works great!

By Amazon Customer

Firstly, why should you buy the Trend Airshield Pro?

Well, piling on all the safety gear you need for risk-free woodworking can be a real grind. With eye protection, ear defenders, some kind of filtration and a face shield, you can sometimes feel like the Michelin Man all togged up. This neat dust protector takes some of the hassle out of the protection process in one nifty, compact unit.

The Pro model is a tweaked version of the original Trend Airshield. The motor has been rejigged for enhanced balance alongside less vibration. Trend has also thrown in a low battery warning indicator and the ability to add optional hearing protection if you want to go all-in.

You should be clear up front that this device is not certified as a respirator. There’s not a huge amount of information available online about this mask and the Airshield Pro is sometimes incorrectly lumped in as respirator. In the user manual itself, you’re told that the Airshield Pro “is not a respirator” and is not a “NIOSH approved device.” It adds that the filter “will not protect your lungs.” Safety should always be your prime concern in the workshop so buy this device fully aware of its limitations as well as its many upsides. It’s a great help but not a replacement for proper filtration systems.

The NiMH battery needs a 24-hour burst of charge before you get going. From this point onward, it will give you 8 hours of solid use before it needs recharging using the onboard system. If you want to give it some juice separately, a cradle is also up for grabs but not included.

The visor is replaceable to save you needing to buy an entire new unit if you crack this part, a surprisingly common occurrence. You can also opt for film protectors which we’d strongly recommend.

The power comes into play by causing the fan to suck dusty air through the pair of filters before it’s ejected through holes near the eyes of the mask as clean air. Despite the efficiency of this battery-powered device, you won’t be menaced by too much noise.

The twin filters are said to wick away finer particles down to 0.3 microns at a 98% efficiency rate. While a HEPA-rated filter is claimed to dispatch 99.98% of dust, the particle size is the same 0.3 microns so these filters are more than fit for purpose.

If you’re concerned about comfort… don’t be! The perforated cloth seal fits snugly and the headband is fully adjustable. You can slip the dust protector on and off with ease and you won’t end up sweating

Despite packing such a range of features, the Airshield Pro weighs just a fraction over 2 pounds so you won’t be overburdened while protecting your eyes and nose from flying debris.

Cleaning your Airshield Pro takes minutes and it’s hassle-free. Get rid of the bulk of accumulated dust using a brush attachment and your shop vac. Wipe it down with a soft cloth then a dampened tissue and your dust protector will be as good as new.

We’ll give you a frank appraisal of the principal advantages and noteworthy drawbacks of the Trend Airshield Pro so you can make an informed decision and decide whether this innovative dust protector is worth the considerable investment. You’ll see there are several drawbacks but, while we always honestly flag any downsides, the raft of benefits strongly outweighs these minor niggles.


  • Get up to 8 hours of use on a single charge so keep going for long periods debris-free
  • Onboard battery charging for your convenience with cradle available as an optional extra
  • Mask covers your whole face for maximum protection with the lined contouring ensuring it won’t grate and scrape you while the clear faceshield allows unclouded vision
  • Battery-powered fan circulates clean air over your face via 2 filters
  • Filters work down to particles of 0.3 microns with a 98% efficiency, roughly comparable with HEPA-rated filtration
  • Since dust protector visors are a weak point, the replaceable visor is a nice touch
  • Fully adjustable head band for customized fit and increased comfort when wearing for lengthy spells
  • Weighs just over 2 pounds which is pretty lightweight considering the functionality
  • Replacement filters are not prohibitively expensive
  • Ear defenders, if you buy them, can be detached to simplify storage


  • Extremely expensive at first glance but actually substantially cheaper than much of the competition
  • NiMH battery is a real sucker-punch given the superiority of lithium-ion
  • Need to condition battery by charging for 24 hours before use so don’t expect to get going straight out the box
  • This unit is not rated as a respirator so consider your intended usage and don’t overlook a dust collector in your worksho


Given the cost of the Trend Airshield Pro, it’s hardly likely to be a whim purchase. That said, this dust protector represents sound value when set against some of the competition with even more elevated price tags.

This is not the kind of equipment you’ll need if you plan to break out your power tools once a week for some light DIY or casual woodworking. If, on the other hand, you regularly punish your angle grinder or table saw for some seriously heavy-duty projects, it pays to consider this dust protector as an investment rather than an expense. After all, how can you put a price on health and safety?

The dust protector is not designed to be a respirator and is not intended for sustained commercial use in the absence of proper filtration and dust collection. It will certainly serve a turn in any workshop or on the job site but don’t neglect taking adequate precautions to minimize the dust with a shop vac or filtration system.

For an aesthetically pleasing, all-purpose piece of protective kit that feels fantastic and does an admirable job of filtering fine particles away from your respiratory system, the rebooted Trend Airshield Pro gets our vote.

Check one out today and start woodworking looking like Darth Vader tomorrow!

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