Woodworking Basics

Health and Safety in the Workshop
When it comes to woodworking, taking responsibility for your own health and safety is absolutely paramount. Surrounded by power tools[...]
All About Hardwood Floors
Today, a growing number of homes have bare floors. There are many varieties of wooden floors flooding the market now[...]
5 Eames Chairs: Design Classics
The word classic is bandied about rather too often these days. When it comes to furniture, though, Eames can rightly claim[...]
DIY Garage Workshop and Home Woodworking Essentials
Woodworking is a challenging and rewarding way to creatively use your free time. Your imagination is the only limitation in[...]
Find out How to Start a Furniture Business
Do you want to boost your woodworking skills with a self-study course at a reasonable price-point? John Campbell is the[...]
Detailed DIY Shed Plans and Woodworking Masterclass
If you’re looking to build a shed yourself rather than buying something pre-fabricated, you are in for a treat. Ryan[...]
How to Treat Woodworm, Dry Rot and Wet Rot
Woodworm, dry rot and wet rot can all seriously impact the structural integrity of your home. Conditions like this can[...]
3 Great Methods For Using Veneer at Woodworking
The price of wood seems to increase year on year. Decorative hardwoods are particularly expensive. Many items that would once[...]
All About Drills: Hand Drills and Power Drills
Very few woodworking projects don't call for drilling holes of some description. Even something as simple as inserting a screw[...]
Wood: A Look At Manufactured Boards
Manufactured boards in various forms have revolutionized the principles of wooden construction. By processing solid timber into sheets of stable material[...]
Tools For Marking and Measuring Wood
Accurate and precise marking out is always the first step in successful woodworking jobs. Low quality measuring and marking devices[...]
A Basic Woodworking Toolkit
There is one saying that has been handed down for generations... A bad craftsman always blames his tools. We have[...]
Building a Book Case for DIY Using a Wood Router
After a while, stacks of books on table tops begin to look untidy and you need a book case to[...]
Selecting Wood and Storing Wood
With so many species of timber, it might seem tough to know where to start when making a selection. Your choice[...]
Seasoning Wood
We will look today at various aspects of seasoning wood. Newly felled timber will lose moisture very rapidly at first.[...]
The Production and Conversion of Wood
The production and conversion of wood into workable material underpins the entire craft of woodworking. Production First, imagine a tree with[...]
The Structure of Wood
A good woodworker does not need to be an expert in botany or even dendrology (the study of trees). It[...]
An Introduction to Wood: Know The Basics
By reading this article, you have already shown the first qualification to proceed further: a basic interest in wood and[...]
Part 1 – Making Shaker Furniture the Modern Way: The Fascination of Shaker Furniture
If you like to create your own pieces of furniture, the Shaker style is one of the best choices for[...]
Edge-to-Edge Joints
Edge-to-edge joints are used to glue several boards into a surface. They commonly come into play for table tops and[...]
How To Cut Down a Tree
You can fell a tree with a handsaw or a chainsaw. It’s not generally practical to take care of it[...]
Turning Wood
Woodturning brings another dimension to the art of woodworking. Whether it’s basic spindles or table legs, bowls and platters or[...]
Carving and Carving Techniques
When it comes to truly creative and skilled woodworking, carving leads the pack. If you break down regular woodworking, it[...]