Woodworking projects that sell well

There’s a ton of different projects that any beginning woodworker can try and do to earn some money right from the beginning. Because no matter whether it is welding (Learn more about welding in fixit man blog) or woodworking, earning money at the beginning phase is a great way to break into any craftsmanship.

It will build in your confidence and boost your own belief about your skill and ability. So are you looking for some great beginner woodworking projects?

Here are five woodworking projects that can give you the confidence to get off the ground with your business. These projects are designed for making a gradual progression of your hand in woodworking and the business as well.


Project 1:   Desk

It is quite common for most woodworkers to have a lot of requests to customize desks. What makes them so well fitted for a beginner project is that they are super simple to make and customize.

What is very interesting for the wood welders is that once you identify your customers’ needs and gather your design and materials, it is not going to take that much time.

Once people start to know about you via word of mouth, it is only a matter of time before the whole neighborhood crashes at your food.  Because people are always going to need a desk, whether for office or personal use, this is why they sell so well.


Project 2:  Coffee table

Now everybody loves coffee tables. It is a critical piece of furniture that is mostly added to achieve a particular style or look in peoples living rooms. The coffee table is an effortless way to do that what is great about coffee table projects is repeat customers.
Coffee table
Yes, repeated customers are the biggest buyers of coffee tables. Most of the time, they will come looking for a replica of another coffee table to match another piece, and they will be coming for an item here and there in your house.


It also teaches you and it trains you how to follow up with your customers and get repeat sales. Because if you think about it where people put coffee tables, which are their living rooms and if you make them a nice looking piece, people will certainly notice that.

So you build somebody a coffee table that they liked,  you can always follow up with them later for adding more items with the coffee tables.


Project 3:  Cutting boards

Cutting boards are something that you can make a lot of in a short amount of time. Also, they don’t take up a whole lot of space. So you can have them in the corner of your garage or your basement or for the next time that you need to make a sale or get a few extra dollars of cash.

If you want to sell those cutting boards you just finished, all you need is to ask people who you know and ask them as you are batching down a ton of cutting boards, whether or not they wanted one.


Project 4:  Blanket ladders

You can make a blanket ladder just with a jigsaw and a drill, that is all you need for getting started with it. It takes just a couple of 2/4” planks, and you can screw them together and plug the holes.  Also, you can batch the blanket ladders very quickly. They are so easy to batch out that you can do it all by yourself.

Blanket ladders are easy to sell. You can sell them with some decorative packages as well.  If you are willing to earn some extra cash for your business, why should you not? If you can add some more items to make it look appealing, it is going to sell like hotcakes.


Project 5:  Kitchen Table

The kitchen tables are pretty high-dollar items. You’re looking in the to $3,000 range here, depending on the size of the table. This is where you can learn how to make bigger items. You get to think about all your strategies regarding clamping, sanding, and finishing, etc.
kitchen table
It’s good exercise and learning how to manage your space. It is where you can find out how well your shop is laid out. Because if you can’t make a large item like a kitchen table in your shop. You may need to consider getting rid of some things or moving some stuff around.


Project 6: Bookcases

Bookcases have been in demand for many years. There are mass-market options, but simple variations can make bookcases uniquely appealing. They are an excellent addition to any house or a personal office.

You can sell those bookcases at an excellent price, and it is likely to spread your name among your neighbors quite well. You don’t need to start with something too hard or big. You can make small and wall-mounted bookcases quite quickly, and these can be made into batches as well.


Project 7: Cabinet

Every household needs a good and durable cabinet to keep their belongings safe and secure. Making a custom-designed cabinet can be quite profitable as well as most people don’t mind spending good money on quality products.
kitchen cabinet
If it meets their needs and adds to their enjoyment., they are certainly willing to pay you a handsome amount. Cabinets can be simple and basic or elaborate and highly detailed, but one of the most satisfying thing about making cabinets is that people like to pass down from one generation to the next



These woodworking projects are quite versatile and easy to get started for any beginner woodworker to add to their portfolio.  They are not too complicated to design and build, Yet These can be made so different and so unique depending on each different customer.

You can earn some decent cash and understand how the business works in the meantime. So, hopefully, these five woodworking projects will spark an idea or two for you and help you to get started with your business.




5 thoughts on “Woodworking projects that sell well

  1. Yeah, this is like using a few simple techniques to make many different types of furniture. I guess it’s easiest to go rectangular and cut straight.

  2. Can you make furniture smell good for a long time? Like, can you spray some chemical while you’re making it so that it smells like the flowers of an apple tree, for example? I think that would be a nice touch, especially if you’re giving what you’ve made as a gift.

  3. Hm, true!! I’ve been earning extra money by making desks for years now. I’ve been trying to bring freshness to my craft year after year, and, so, I’d do carvings, started painting the desks, and then I started even taking customers’ orders that were a bit more complicated. The free delivery also brings you more customers, so keep that in mind. Treat it like a business even in the beginning stages.

  4. What’s the minimum number of tools that you need to make a kitchen table? Sounds a bit more complicated than the rest of the projects on here, so I might as well give it a shot.


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